Great joy overwhelmed the liberators' families

The families of the captured fighters who were at the hands of IS mercenaries and liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expressed their joy. They also thanked the fighters in the battlefields, stressing that they are waiting for the hour of announcing the great victory over terrorism with impatience.


During their advance within the battle to defeat terrorism, SDF liberated thousands of civilians held by IS mercenaries and a number of SDF fighters captured by IS during special operations in al-Baguz.

The families of the liberated fighters expressed their happiness and pride of SDF that have fulfilled their promise to rescue them from terrorism.

The father of the liberated Hamad al-Qiyas from Homs governorate said, "We thank SDF who have been able to free a number of detainees, and salute them amid the successive victories in the battlefields of al-Jazeera tempest campaign. Today, we are waiting for the moment of victory and the announcement of the north-east of Syria liberation from terrorism."

Al-Qiyas added, "We thank the ideology and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of all the oppressed peoples, whether in Syria or other countries of the world who gave the people their right to lead themselves away from the nationalist and dictatorial state."

The mother of the liberated captive Mohammed Ramadan al-Hamoud, Khadija al-Saleh, continued, "Today, we thank our forces for spreading good omens about the return of my son Mohammed and his liberation from IS mercenaries in a special and accurate operation by the military forces in the frontal lines."

Khadija al-Saleh added, "I salute every martyr's wife and every martyr's mother who set epics and held the light and pride torches by their sacrifices throughout north Syria."

The sheikh of al-Mosa al-Dhaher clan, Ayed al-Hadi said, "Today, we are working with the Relations Office for returning the Syrian Democratic Forces' heroes who were captured at the end of 2018 to their families, trusting the ability of our military forces to free all civilians and fighters present to the mercenaries."

He noted, "We assure the whole world SDF have promised and fulfilled their promise to continue working on foot for the return of every prisoner."

Ayed al-Hadi said at the end of his speech, "SDF are forces composed of the people from all regions of Syria where the sacrifices of all components are combined to reach victory."



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