Greece deploys military battleships following Turkish moves

The Greek navy deployed military battleships in the Aegean Sea after it announced a "state of alert" due to Turkish oil exploration activities, according to a source in the Greek Navy, on Wednesday.

"The naval units have been deployed since yesterday (Tuesday) in the south and southeast of the Aegean Sea," the source said, quoting the source as saying that he refused to disclose further details.

The Greek navy said it has "increasing preparations to confront Turkish activities in the Aegean Sea," against the backdrop of Ankara's months of exploration of energy sources near Greek islands, which Athens has repeatedly condemned.

This development comes a day after the Greek army announced the entry of its forces on alert, after Turkey revealed its intention to conduct a new oil exploration near a Greek island.

Ankara had previously said it would conduct a deep sea technical survey in the south and east of Kastelorizo ​​island, off the coast of Turkey, in the eastern Mediterranean.

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