Greece: Turkey destabilizes region

On Thursday, the Greek army chief of staff, Constantinos Florus, described Turkey as a "destabilizing factor" in the region, adding that it represented a threat to Greece and the status quo in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The Greek Chief of Staff stressed that his forces are ready to defend the territorial integrity, rights and sovereignty of his country against any Turkish threat.

He also stressed the need for coordination between the eastern Mediterranean countries to maintain the security of the region and the prosperity of its citizens.

Of note, tensions have escalated between Greece and Turkey in recent months, against the background of the file of migrants, gas exploration and the agreement between Ankara and the Libyan government of reconciliation in Tripoli.

A statement of the French Foreign Ministry affirmed, last Monday, that the position of the European Union countries is unified towards the need to support the position of both Cyprus and Greece in facing Turkish policies.

This comes as German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, in a speech to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, stressed that "Turkey's behavior at the regional level is unacceptable."

On Monday, European Union foreign policy representative Josep Borrell described the relationship between the European Union and Turkey as not good.

The European Union countries are constantly calling on Ankara not to take any unilateral measures in the Mediterranean and calls on them to participate actively in reaching a political solution in Libya.

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