Greece: Turkey's violations thwart any prospects for dialogue

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias affirmed that the ongoing Turkish violations in the eastern Mediterranean "thwart any prospects for constructive dialogue."

According to what was quoted by the Greek newspaper, Ekathimerni, today, Dendias said: "Ankara is trying by force to create precedents at the expense of the European Union countries," adding that Turkey "shows contempt for the clear positions and decisions of the European Union and the calls of the international community as well."

He added: "Turkey missed another important opportunity to restore relations with the European Union, and made a choice to work in a way that undermines international law and European goals," stressing that "Turkey's behavior is destabilizing and dangerous for the security of the region."

The Greek foreign minister stressed that "the European Union is not naive and it is difficult for Turkey to deceive it."

Dendias also stressed that "Athens remains open to dialogue with Ankara on the condition that it halts its operations in the eastern Mediterranean," considering that "Turkey does not provide a margin for constructive dialogue, as it has been expanding its activities in the eastern Mediterranean since August."


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