​​​​​​​Greece warns Turkey: one of options is International Court

Greece has warned Turkey that one of the options to confront the Turkish provocations in the eastern Mediterranean is to resort to the International Court, and confirmed that these provocations have pushed the region to the brink of war.

"The Turkish moves threaten security in the region," Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Friday, and stressed that "Turkish provocations cannot continue."

Mitsotakis said, "Ankara has responded to our call for dialogue with escalation and provocation," adding: "Resorting to the International Court is among our options to resolve our dispute with Turkey."

There is a dispute between Turkey, on the one hand, and Greece and Cyprus on the other hand, over the right to exploit oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean, which raises fears of a more intense conflict.



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