Green Party: Dismissal of mayors of Bakur is episode in systematic genocide

The Kurdistan Green Party said that the dismissal of elected mayors in Bakur, "northern Kurdistan," is a episode in the systematic genocide, calling on the free world and world public opinion to condemn the Turkish regime.

The Kurdistan Green Party issued a written statement today on the takeover of the municipalities of Amad, Wan and Mardin by the Turkish Justice and Development

The text read:

"The Turkish regime, day after day, targets the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan, once through the military genocide that has not stopped since the establishment of the Turkish entity and until now, and once through its systematic political and cultural genocide, and its recent dismissal of mayors. The municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Wan, are only an episode in this series of extermination.

The Turkish political system which claims the Islam, believes in democracy only when it is a ladder to take power.

We in the Green Party condemn and deplore the process of dismissing elected mayors with the voice of the people and expressing their will.

We also call on the free world and world public opinion to condemn the Turkish regime and put it on the list of regimes that sponsor terrorism.

We also appeal to our people in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in its north, to stand united in the face of Turkish fascism and to support their free will until their demands for freedom and democracy are met."



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