Guerilla forces respond to occupation attack in Bradost ..Killing many Turkish soldiers

People Defense Forces (HPG) and Free Women's Forces carried out an operation against Turkish occupation army forces in Bradost area in Başûr Kurdistan, in which many Turkish soldiers were killed.


Turkish occupation army continues its attacks on Bradost area in Başûr Kurdistan, Guerilla forces and in response to the occupation attacks carried out an operation against the positions of the concentration of soldiers, resulting in the deaths of many soldiers.

According to local sources, in Wednesday afternoon, Guerilla forces have carried out an operation using heavy weapons on the hill of Jaidli in Sidkan town in Bradost area of Hewler. It was confirmed that many

Local sources said that after the operation, helicopters headed to the area and took the soldiers, dead and wounded from the site where the operation was carried out.

In the next few hours, HPG is expected to make a statement on the operation.

On Wednesday, there were also operations of Guerilla forces in Lilkan hill and Bradust area, in which 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and five wounded.



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