Guerrilla fighters kill 11 Turkish soldiers

In the context of the "Revolutionary Victory Campaign" in Ila Serhed, the HPG carried out operations in Abakh and Bazid, killing 11 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.

The People's Defense Forces' (HPG) Media Center issued a statement on the operations carried out by the Guerrilla fighters in Serhed, which stated:

"In the context of the Revolutionary Victory Campaign in Ila Serhed on May 20 at 15:30, our forces carried out an operation targeting a scorpion military vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation army near the village of Sarkso related to Abakh, killing of at least 10 soldiers in this process after the operation, the Turkish occupation army transferred the wounded and the bodies of the dead from the area.

On 21 May at 14:00, our troops targeted the soldiers stationed on the hill of Serê Kaniyê in Bazid related to Agri with a sniper operation which resulted in the killing of a soldier from the Turkish occupation army."



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