Guests at International Forum appeal of SDF, expose Turkey's support to Daesh

The speeches of the guests of honor at the International Forum on Daesh, held in Amouda district, pointed out that the people of the region stood together to fight Daesh, and pointed out that the countries supported Daesh, led by Turkey, which used it against the democratic project.

After listening to live testimonies of victims, who called for the need to form an international tribunal to prosecute Daesh mercenaries, assuring the need to be held in the regions of north and east of Syria, explaining, the forum continues the activities according to the program where guests of honor deliver speeches.

"Holding such a forum in such a place would have positive and decisive consequences for the people of the region," said Berivan Khaled, the co-chair of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

Khaled explained that the people of northern and eastern Syria have been fighting for more than 8 years in the face of injustice and oppression. As a result, approximately 11,000 fighters have been martyred, so the whole world owes this people which sacrificed on behalf of the world. "Our struggle is continuing, the Syrian Democratic Forces and all the forces under its roof, in cooperation with the international coalition, have achieved great achievements and liberated the region from Daesh," she said.

We fought in one trench

"We must put in place a new strategy to get rid of the oppressive ideology and its consequences, and this will be the complete unification of all the components of the Syrian people," she said.

"Women had an effective role, and with the establishment of Women's Protection Units, women contributed to protecting and defending the region," she said.

She called for the formation of a tribunal in the northern and eastern regions of Syria to try Daesh.

States that have been and still are support Daesh

The co-chair of the Euphrates Executive Council, Anwar Musallam, recalled Kobanyi's resistance. "When we talk about Daesh, we think of Kobani resistance that defied barbaric attacks, the resistance to which all the people, young and old, joined."

 He said: "During attacks on Kobani, most of the infrastructure was destroyed, and more than 2500 people were martyred," and said: "Unfortunately, there are countries that have been and still support Daesh."

Anwar Musallam said that the resistance was not aimed at one area, but was aimed at the whole world, and witnesses' testimony is proof of that. He said: "The resistance of Kobani had great results and was the beginning of the elimination of Daesh in the north and east of Syria."

The Yezidi issue must be at the heart of international forums

Hussein Hajji, co-chair of the Autonomous Administration in Şengal, who spoke on behalf of the Yazidi component, said: "There is a message from the resistance mountain to you and thank you for your efforts and a second message to the international and human rights forums that the Yezidi issue must be at the heart of their issue. "He said.

He explained that the Yezidi issue is a complex issue and that five years have passed since their last massacre. "However, international and world organizations have not provided any support to them. Only Rojava Relief Organization, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration have stood by us and supported us. "He said.

Hajji pointed out that the Iraqi government marginalized the Yazidi component and practiced exclusion against the Yazidis and said: "There are personal, sectarian and partisan interests exercised against the Yazidis, and they are now being bargained on, thousands of Yazidi people have been kidnapped and the world did not move, why are we marginalized? We are an authentic component and have been living for thousands of years in the Middle East and our rights are being violated so far by the countries that occupy us. "

In conclusion, Hussein Hajji said that the Yazidi component targeted and there are parties trying to annihilate the Yazidi component. "We will abide by all the decisions that will be issued from this forum," he said.

Syrian Democratic Forces protected the region from massacres

Former US Congressman Tomas Garrett said during the forum that the region is characterized by its strong constituents of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Yezidis who have principles and values ​​and have the right to live freely without fear and terror. "Some groups and forces tried to exterminate the peoples of the region, he pointed out that the People's Protection Units, Women's Projection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces fought and protected the values ​​of humanity in the region and the world also, said: "We have all respect and appreciation for these forces."

France supports the people of northern and eastern Syria

The writer and researcher on French political philosophy, Patrick Francisca, expressed his happiness at his participation in the forum. He said that he has 3 messages, one of his French colleagues who were unable to attend, and that the region is in a sensitive phase after the elimination of Daesh, France supports northern and eastern Syria with all its capabilities. He said: "Because they are aware that the elimination of Daesh is not over yet and must struggle to eliminate it completely."

Patrick said another kind of war would begin in the north and east of Syria, the war to eliminate Daesh mercenaries, and he said: "We will support you in this war."

Turkey has used Daesh against the democratic project

A former US congressman, Michael Robin, revealed at the International Forum the relationship between the Turkish Intelligence and Daesh mercenaries, saying: "We must not underestimate Daesh support, Turkish intelligence supported and financed Daesh." He explained that Turkey had used Daesh against Rojava and the democratic project in the region, and said: "Turkey will become a victim to Daesh, and Turkey should be well aware of it."

"To understand Daesh, it is important to understand how it has been able to gain power in war, and we should not focus on the support given to them but on the indirect support given to them, the intelligence efforts that helped them build, arming them with this powerful and heavy weapon."

The former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema also joined via skype, and praised the "Kurdish people and the Yezidi component for their struggle against Daesh mercenaries."

"Syrian Democratic Forces fought on behalf of the whole world against Daesh, and the international community must shoulder its responsibilities to the people of the region who fought Daesh," D'Alema said. Calling for the formation of "a court to prosecute mercenaries and all those who support them with money, equipment and weapons."

After the speeches of the guest of honor were completed, an exhibition of art and photography was opened for Daesh terror, and then the first session would be held which include the political and historical dimensions of Daesh terror.



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