Gulê Salmo... mother of thousands of martyrs in her struggle in Sheikh Maksoud

During her struggle and her hard work to convey the thought of women's liberation and freeing the people from the oppressive agendas of despotic regimes, she became the mother of the thousands of martyrs in the Martyr Rafik Shrine in Afrin Province, Gulê Salmo the martyr of Sheikh Maksoud.


The 13th of March marks the seventh anniversary of the martyrdom of an activist in the former Star Union (Kongra Star now) and the member of the People's Assembly of Aleppo, Gulê Salmo who devoted half her life to convey the thought of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. She revolted to rid the people of the regimes that have desecrated the identity of the people.

Her inception and struggle

Gulê Salmo is the daughter of Qatma, a village in the Afrin canton. She was born in 1961. Her family consists of two parents, four sisters and three brothers, she is the youngest of them, and grew up among the hills and plains of her village.

She was unable to complete her studies as a result of the masculine mentality and habits of society at the time, despite her love and attachment to learning.

She was married to Mohammed Jaber. After a period of their marriage and for living reasons, they moved to Ashrafiya neighborhood of Aleppo and then moved to the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in the western part of the city.

There, she learned about thought of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and realized the tasks she had as a Kurdish woman in the late 1980s.

As a result of her strong attachment of Ocalan's thought she joined the work, including the service committee prior to 1996, to organize events for national events and collect material and logistical assistance. In 1996 the work began to expand and organize according to the structure of the struggle to run the service and organizational tasks. In January 15, 2005, Gulê became active in organizing the Star Union in Sheikh Maksoud district after its founding.

Moulida, comrade of the martyr said, in 1997, we were appointed to prepare for the 15th of August, and each of us had a goal of collecting donations. Everyone collected what was requested of them but a sum that was collected more than what was required of them," she said. "It was aimed at raising awareness of all the people you know about liberal thought.

"The children of Sheikh Maksoud are now my children, so I work for them to get what we were deprived of," Moulida said, referring to what was once said to Gulê by some of the mothers who visited them. "You did not make all efforts and you do not have a son to inherit what you are doing."

Targeting Gulê

the beginning of 2012, after the formation of the People's Assembly in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, Gulê joined the council and became an active member of it, in addition to the great role it had in Star Union.

In an attempt to kidnap one of the journalists who were documenting their crimes, which Coinciding with the uprising of the people of the neighborhood against the armed groups affiliated to the authoritarian agendas in Sheikh Maksoud, targeted the neighborhood on the tenth of March 2012 in an attempt to kidnap one of the journalists who was documenting their crimes who was accompanying Gulê. She tried to treat the journalist but the armed groups targeted her with a bullet and then she wounded in her head.

She was immediately taken to Hanan Al-Jaraji Hospital in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Aleppo. She spent three days in the intensive care unit struggling with her injuries, but she lost her life at dawn on March 13, 2012. Her body was buried in her hometown with a solemn ceremony in which thousands participated.

After that, the residents of the neighborhood did not stand idly by, and in retaliation for their spirit, the sons of the Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods confronted the armed groups and took them out of the neighborhood. Since then, they have protected themselves without retreat.

Gulê... immortal in the minds of the children of Sheikh Maksoud

In commemoration of her hard work, the street where the activist Gulê Salmo was targeted was named after her, and her pictures were hung in the street and the streets of Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh.

On June 25, 2015, the women of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood announced at a military ceremony the formation of a Society Protection battalion in the name of Gulê including about 60 women from various Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen components.


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