Haaretz: Erdogan aims to improve his electoral status, blackmail West in his war against Kurds

 All Erdogan's actions are aimed at improving his electoral position, in his opinion, only a foreign war against the Kurds will save him.

 The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said in an analysis that the Iranian and Turkish regimes began last Saturday evening with a coordinated massacre of Kurdish civilians. The main "crime" of these civilians is the desire to live and be equal, and equality for women in particular.

  And the newspaper continues, "In Iran, the Kurds are the driving force behind the ongoing uprising against the regime. The uprising erupted after the killing of a young Kurdish woman, Jina Amini, at the hands of the police.

 It is no coincidence that the slogan that led the uprising across Iran, and even at the World Cup, was "Women, Life is Freedom," and for years, this was a Kurdish political slogan.

 In Iran, Turkey and Syria, the Kurds follow a policy of joint leadership between men and women. The Kurdish leadership realized years ago that the oppression of women is the main problem in the region, and that changing them is the key to change.

As a result, Kurdish female fighters played an important role in defeating ISIS - a defeat that saved the West and took the lives of 20,000 Kurds.

 The Kurds have paid this price as frontline fighters for the US-led coalition.  Now they feel betrayed, and rightly so.

 Iranian police forces confronted the protesters across the country, but since last Saturday, the situation has changed in the Kurdish regions.

 The Iranian government is now using the military against them - tanks and heavy weapons against innocent civilians - and there are reportedly many civilian casualties.

 It is no coincidence that the Turkish president, in turn, began slaughtering the Kurds at the same time.  For months, Erdogan has been threatening to invade the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Syria known as Rojava, but America has so far stopped him.  But now, Erdogan has found the pretext, the terrorist attack in Istanbul two weeks ago, which he blames on the Kurds in Syria, who never attacked any Turkish target across the border, nor attacked any civilians.

 All of Erdogan's actions are aimed at improving his electoral standing.  In his opinion, only a foreign war against the Kurds will save him.  But he needs the silence of the West to do so.  He is trying to obtain this silence through blackmail - hinting that, in the absence of such silence, he might meddle with Sweden and Finland joining NATO.  Israel's silence is also necessary for him.

But the geostrategic interests of Israel and the West are exactly the opposite. The occupation of Rojava and the ethnic cleansing of its Kurds would place northern Syria in the hands of the Iranians, and the hands of the jihadists, including ISIS.

 Such a fatal blow to the Kurds, coupled with the Iranian regime's massacre of the Kurds as it tried to quell the unrest, is quite likely to crush the protest across Iran, since the Kurds are the driving force for it.

 But morals must be taken into account before strategic interests.  It is Kurdish autonomy in Syria that defeated ISIS at a huge cost.  It is the most progressive representative in the entire region.

 How can we abandon a nation with a population of 40 million, a nation that has become a pioneer at the regional level in the practice of equality in general, and women in particular?  Why reward jihadists?  The United States and the rest of the West, where women's rights are being regressed, will pay for this folly.

 From a historical perspective, the West's silence and cooperation with these murderous dictators is strategic folly.  This silence must end.  The United States and the West have the power to stop such a strategic disaster.  They have the power to stop invasions and massacres."



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