​​​​​​​Hadiyya Youssef: Capitalist system attacks any alternative system

Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Hadiyya Youssef, confirmed that the Turkish occupation of Afrin was the result of an international consensus, and explained that the capitalist forces sought, through their occupation, to eliminate the democratic nation's ideology, pointing out that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters' sacrifices are the source of Rojava Revolution's strength and the main reason for its steadfastness.

In an interview held by our agency with Hadiyya Youssef, she spoke about the international consensus that preceded the Turkish attack on Afrin on January 20, 2018, the role of the dominant world powers and the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, stressing that the latter represents a liquidation project against the Kurdistan Liberation Movement.

She explained the reasons behind the large-scale attack targeting the region, starting from the legitimate defense zones (Media) through to Şengal and to north-east Syria, and made clear that the main objective of the attacks is to eliminate every possible alternative to the global capitalist system.

At the beginning of her speech, Hadiyya Youssef recalled the resistance in the face of the occupation, and commemorated the martyrs with respect. She added: "It is painful that we are passing to the fourth year of occupation."

Occupying Afrin was the result of global, regional and local powers' consensuses 

Concerning international agreements prior to the Turkish attack, Hadiyya Youssef said: "The scope of the Turkish attacks on Afrin after its occupation was not limited to an international agreement and an agreement between Turkey, Russia and the Syrian regime, since Turkey used to claim that the formation of a Kurdish autonomous administration on its borders would pose a threat to its national security, and it convinced the international community, NATO and Russia, thus attacked Afrin. It believed that the occupation of Afrin and the elimination of its Autonomous Administration would dispel its fears, solve its problem, and solve the problems between it, Russia and the Syrian regime, and thus occupied the canton after Afrin's people and fighters resisted for a period of 58 days."

Women in Afrin are primarily targeted

Regarding the reason for Turkey intensifying its attacks on women, Hadiyya Youssef explained: "The crimes committed by Turkey and its mercenaries in Afrin target women in the first place because many Afrin women have emerged as symbols of the Rojava Revolution, for example Arin Mirkan became a symbol of Rojava, so is the martyr Avista Khabur became a symbol in Afrin's resistance, and the martyr Barin became a symbol of resistance in the face of the brutal mentality of the Turkish state."

She continued: "The resistance of those fighters exposed the brutality of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, and women in Afrin became the first in the struggle for the Women's Liberation Movement, as well as pioneers in preserving the culture, human values, and the presence of women, and the openness of Afrin people to the freedom movement and its ideas about women's personality emerged."

Capitalist system will attack with all its strength any alternative system

About the real reasons behind the attack on Afrin canton, Hadiyya Youssef indicated that "the policies that are implemented against the Kurds, especially the Kurdish Liberation Movement and the people of the region are administered by one center, and the mastermind is one, so we must not deceive ourselves, as the capitalist system will never allow the emergence of an alternative system, and it will attack with all its force any alternative system, and in the event that its strength is not enough to do so, it will try to marginalize the alternative system, and fragment the society formed by that system."

She added: "The Kurdish Liberation Movement has been able to be a source of inspiration in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world, these values ​​were established under the leadership of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the martyrs of the revolution, and it is an undeniable fact, so the capitalist system seeks with all its power to destroy the democratic thought and prevent the emergence of a free Kurdish, a free Arab, or a free Syriac."

PKK's struggle behind Rojava Revolution's steadfastness

The Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party affirmed that "the PKK has the greatest merit in the Rojava Revolution launch and its steadfastness in the face of all attacks. It is the source of this inspiration and this strength, we cannot deny that, as the gains achieved in Rojava and preserved for the sake of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs were thanks to the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and their sacrifices are the main and basic reason, we must never forget that."

She added: "At the same time, the people of Rojava rallied around the paradigm of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, no one can deny this, and the capitalist system knows this, as well as the United States of America, Russia and Europe."

She continued: "No one can say that Rojava people launched a spontaneous revolution and liberated some of their cities, and the Rojava revolution cannot be dealt with separately from what preceded it."

Leader Abdullah Ocalan's philosophy is pillar of Rojava Revolution

Regarding the reason for the steadfastness of the revolution and its intellectual source, Hadiyya Youssef said: "The lived reality in Rojava and the democratic nation system are based mainly on the paradigm and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and those who fought against the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra, ISIS and the Turkish occupation army are PKK fighters. In the first place, we are leading the Rojava Revolution on the foundations of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, his thought and philosophy."

Global capitalism seeks to eradicate the liberation struggle and distort its image

Concerning the main reason for the attacks targeting the region from Heftanin to north and east Syria, Youssef pointed out that "capitalism knows about this, as well as Europe, Russia and all international powers, and in order to distort and eliminate this fact and dry up its sources and the society that were formed around it, it increased the frequency of its attacks on lawful defense zones (Media) in order to eliminate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement in Qandil, Zab and Heftanin. This task was entrusted to the Turkish state, and at the same time to the traitorous Kurdish forces."

The Kurdistan Democratic Party is a project to eradicate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement

Concerning the Kurdistan Democratic Party's role in the endeavors to exterminate Kurds and eliminate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, Hadiyya Youssef confirmed that "the goal of the KDP is the project to liquidate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, so Turkey is attacking with all its strength, especially in Heftanin to break the will of the Kurdish community and liquidate the Liberation Movement, and this is a liquidation scheme because this region is the source of these fighters' strength. They want to eliminate the fighters of the movement at the hands of the Turkish state, mercenaries and the Kurdistan Democratic Party which says that the Kurdistan Liberation Movement has no right to remain in Kurdistan Mountains, who can say that? Kurdistan Mountains have always been incubators for resistance movements and no one has the right to divide the geography of Kurdistan."

Hadiyya Youssef indicated that there is a broad scheme targeting the presence of Kurds, the peoples of the region and their liberation endeavors. She said: "There is a liquidation and extermination plan in Media and Rojava. They want to restrict and besiege them, and in parallel with that, there is a similar scheme targeting Şengal, its gains and people."

She added: "They want to change the system in Şengal, then drag Iraq to this scheme. They want to eliminate this system, and Erdogan wants to exterminate Kurds wherever they are. The Turkish state, with international support, attacks Şengal and Media to liquidate Kurds, confiscate the democratic project and eliminate the unity of components."



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