Haj Darwish: SDF's victory is great, Kurds' rights must be recognized to consolidate unity

Hamid Haj Darwish said that the victory achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces "is the greatest victory, but not the last." He pointed out that the political reality must be developed, appealing to the Syrian regime to start the political action and give the components their right.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared Daesh mercenaries' defeat in its last pocket in the village of al-Bagouz, on March 22 through a statement issued by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition.

Our ANHA agency met with the secretary of the Progressive Kurdish Party in Syria Abdul Hamid Haj Darwish about the end of IS, describing SDF's victory as "great."

"The great victory achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces against mercenaries in their last pocket in the village of al-Bagouz, will not be the last victory achieved by the components of the north and east of Syria to build a decentralized democratic Syria."

"This was the great card that SDF eliminated Daesh," Darwish said. "This opened the way for the liberation of other areas where there was IS and the liberation of the village of al-Bagouz was the fruit of those victories."

The Kurdish, Syrian people must preserve this victory and achievements

"Revolutions carried out by the Kurdish people in the Kurdish areas were doomed to failure, but the sole goal of revolution and resistance announced by the People's and Women's Protection Units in Rojava and northern Syria realizing the Kurdish dream and to eliminate the aggressors against Rojava."

"It was a response to all the enemies of the Kurdish people who say that the Kurds are trying to divide Syria, but after this great victory, the Kurds proved their determination and will to liberate all the Kurdish and Arab regions in the north and east of Syria," Haj Darwish said. Adding "Daesh did not only come to slaughter the Kurds, but also Arabs, Syriacs and other components of the region."

He said that the Kurdish people and the peoples of northern and eastern Syria "should not run behind the political parties, but must protect this great victory and great gains achieved."

 The Syrian regime must recognize Kurds' rights to consolidate Syrian unity

"Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria should start their activities in restoring life to our regions," he said. "The Syrian regime must also abandon its current policy towards the Kurdish people and resort to political action to rebuild Syria, giving all components their rights to live freely. "


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