Hama countryside witnessed fierce attacks by Turkish mercenaries on regime's positions 

Turkey's mercenary gangs launched a fierce attack on the regime forces' positions in the axes of areas of Jalameh and Kafar Hood in the northwestern countryside of Hama, while the latter was trying to repel the attack through intensive ground bombardment and raids on the battles axes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that fierce battles and clashes were taking place on Jalameh and Kafar Hood villages in the northwestern countryside of Hama between the mercenary gangs, operating under the so-called "al-Fatah al-Mobin" and the regime's forces.

Since Tuesday dawn, the mercenary gangs that are run by Turkey, have been launching fierce attacks with more than 350 shells and missiles, which targeted Jalameh, Kafar Hood, al-Jadidah, al-Hamamiyat, Kurnaz and al-Sheikh Hadid, controlled by the regime forces northwest of Hama.

Hayet Tahrir al-Sham's mercenaries detonated a car bomb in Wadi Othman axis in the countryside of Hama, where violent clashes were accompanied by the return of aerial bombardment to the area after a 36-hour cessation, where the regime's aircrafts are supporting the regime's ground forces to repel the attack through carrying out more than 37 air strikes on the fighting axes, and other places in Tel Meleh, al-Jabeen, al-Zakat and Hasraya.

Over the past week, the countryside of Hama has witnessed the battles of hit and run in which the mercenary gangs were able to control new positions, for the regime forces to launch counter-attacks during which it regained al-Jalabiyyah, but they foiled to advance towards Tel Meleh and other areas they have lost, despite intense fire support.



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