​​​​​​​Hamed Faraj: with Ocalan ideas we will foil Turkish plots

Sheikh of the Wilda Clan warned against the dangers implied in settling Syrian refugees in northern Syria by the Turkish occupation state saying it is an Ottoman scheme adding they will stand up to the plot with Ocalan ideas.

Turkish occupation state began to apply on the ground its plots that was announced by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 3 May to settle more than a million Syrian refugees in occupied areas in northern Syria amid silence preserved by the Arab League.

Observers say this is to annex Syrian territories to Turkey and consolidation to the occupation.   

To shed light on the issue, ANHA met Sheikh Hamed Faraj, of the Wilda Arab Clan warned against the dangers implied in settling Syrian refugees in northern Syria by the Turkish occupation state'' the threats are not against the Kurds only. it targets all components of the region''. Hamed Faraj said ''it is an Ottoman Empire scheme.''

Hamed Faraj said: with philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan we will stand up to the threats and plots hatched by the Turkish occupation state against the NES region.

''they fight us with every possible means by the Turkish occupation state that embraces the Ottoman Empire mentality due to the riches of the region of North and East Syria and its dismay at the success met by the Autonomous Administration of North and  East Syria by all NES peoples and the solidarity and complementarity they show''.

The Wilda Sheikh added that the Ottoman aspirations in the region are not anew for they are based on the so-called Nationalist Pact of the Turkish occupation state. the Sheikh stressed '' we in NES will stand up to this aggressive and blind enemy''.    

Faraj affirmed that the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state are not targeting the Kurds alone, rather they target all peoples of the NES to create a demographic change in the region and to sow sedition among the people of the region. Faraj called on the people of the region to be vigilant towards the threats posed to the region''. 

The Wilda Sheikh added ''our people no longer to be deceived by enemies. What we witness today in NES and the Medya Defense Zones hard proof to that'.

Hamed Faraj denounced the silence preserved by the legal and human rights associations and the international community towards the Turkish occupation state's crimes committed in the region. Murder demographic change and displacement all are crimes. Hamed added that it is the responsibility of the Syrian government towards what takes place in those areas as its borders are breached and violated''.

Faraj said '' we are sheikhs and notables of the Arab tribes support our forces and people and we would render dearly sacrifices to defend and protect our lands and our first and last choice is to stand up to the occupiers and to expel them from our lands and to abort the Ottoman Empire plot that seeks to unties the social fabric of our society.



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