Hamidah Yaghit: Turkey failed to achieve its ambitions in Idlib

​​​​​​​Hamidah Yaghit: Turkey did not get its goal in Idlib, and is now alone in Idlib and noted that turkey is forced to eradicate of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham and made a promise in this regard.

Specialists and researcher of the Middle east issues Hamidah Yaghit , talked to Hawar news agency ANHA about the developments in Idlb province and Turkish state policies in the area.

And said it the beginning of her speech:" things are more complex in Idlib, Turkey government tried to drag USA and EU and NATO to Idlib, but it failed in this attempts. And it will in the future to change the name of HTS but this does not mean the end of this radical groups in Idlib completely".

Unfortunately, the groups that Turkey supports now will turn into a major problem for them"

Mercenary position on M4 road will turn into big problem for Turkey

On the armistice agreement concluded between Turkey and Russia on Idlib, she said, "Turkey is obliged to act according to the agreement, but in the current circumstances, it will be difficult for Turkey to act according to the terms of the armistice, as Turkey believes that it completely controls the extremist groups supported by it." However, controlling these groups is not an easy matter. The control of these groups on the M4 road will constitute a major problem for Turkey. The extremist groups, headed by Tahrir al-Sham, have stated that they will not act in accordance with the armistice agreement concluded between Turkey and Russia, and these groups are essentially not covered by the armistice agreement, however The Statements by groups not controlled by Turkey that they are not committed by the armistice agreement have given Turkey an outlet.

And she added also " Turkey is trying to evacuate members of extremists groups off the M4 but this is not easy, the groups are now speaking of confrontation stages, and when this happens, Turkey will have got rid of the burden of this groups partially and another round of negotiations will begin with Russia for negotiating ways of evacuating this groups towards north regions".

Turkey is experiencing a real conflict in Idlib""

And about this subject she added:' we can't confirm that the mutual patrols are successful till now, short distance patrols are being run, and during the patrols went out the Turkish convoy was attacked and two of them were killed and one was injured and Turkey did not say who was responsible for this but the public in Turkey know That terrorist groups backed by the Turkish support are the ones responsible for this the thing that may complicates the Turkish attitude, that is why having this hostile attitude against it suddenly will be very difficult and Russia is not balanced when it comes to commitment to its pledges and the now situations. so it is not confirmed that this circumstance without a war.

Idlib's plans had not been achieved

Hamidah Yaghit added: "One of the most important reasons that led Turkey to deepen the war in Idlib is the direct intervention of the United States of America in the Idlib issue. The American special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, visited Turkey, and there he emphasized that the United States of America supports Turkey directly in this matter, which gave Turkey more boldness.

 The truth is that the United States of America and NATO put their trust in their ally, took the decision to escalate the war, and a war of open confrontations arose.

However, that confidence did not produce a result, and the United States of America said that it would support Turkey politically, not militarily, and after Turkey suffered major military losses, it asked NATO to intervene, and the United Nations called for an urgent meeting on the Idlib issue. Although it tried to play on the refugee card with the European Union, but its efforts were unsuccessful.

We cannot talk about any possibility about NATO accepting confrontation with Russia in order to defend Turkey’s ambitions, and we have seen that such a matter is not on their agenda at the present time. First of all, neither the United States nor NATO is going to accept admission to confront with Russia, this has been evident at this point. "

Will Turkey liquidate mercenary groups?

Hamidah Yaghit noted that Turkey was forced to liquidate the Headquarters of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, and continued: "Relations between Turkey and mercenary groups were intertwined to a large degree, so Turkey will not end the Headquarters of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, but it will seek to highlight the most extremist groups, and then will seek to end it through Certain consensus, and just as it previously worked to change the name of Jabhat al-Nusra to the Headquarters Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, this time it can also announce its dissolution.

The Specialist of the Middle East issues, Hamidah Yaghit said at the end of her speech: "As expected, Turkey's mission was not easy in Idlib, and even if the Headquarters HTS changed its name, extremist groups would remain, and Turkey could not hostility, and it could not solve this." The issue, and therefore these groups will pose a threat to Turkey as

Will Turkey seek to sever its ties with extremist mercenary groups and move away from them? In my opinion, it does not want to solve the issue, as Turkey will do everything in its power to maintain its current status in Idlib, and as long as these groups continue to assist Turkey in maintaining the current situation in Idlib, Turkey will continue its relations with it, just as both the United States of America and the European Union support Turkish presence in Idlib.

Moving the families of elements of extremist groups to another place is not a possibility, just as it is in the interest of America and the European Union, as well as some Gulf countries, to keep the status quo in Idlib as it is.

 It is clear that the Idlib crisis will not be resolved soon. Russia and Damascus insist on controlling the M4-M5 and opening the international trade route, and they are working hard to achieve this goal, and therefore the solution to the Idlib complex will be delayed.”



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