Hamo: Eradication IS' ideology needs local efforts, international

The co-chair of Afrin canton's council Shiraz Hamo said that " IS has become near of total defeat geographically and this stage needs local efforts and international to eradicate IS' ideology, which had spread since 6 years, stressing that SDF deserve the title of "Peace" after IS' eradicating."


The Syrian people have severely suffered from IS' atrocities such as: mass murders, slaughtered and practiced the worst forms of injustice, today IS was completely defeated geographically on the Syrian territories, but IS' ideology is still present through dormant cells which threaten the security and stability of the area.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with The co-chair of Afrin canton's council Shiraz Hamo.

She added "The terrorist forces have tried in various ways and means to extend their territory and expand the Syrian territory to create more conflicts and impose restrictions on the Syrian people and because of their aggressive and inhuman practices against the Syrian people."

"Syrian Democratic Forces SDF have already managed to eradicate of IS, the resistance and the great victories that have been achieved in the north and east of Syria, and to approach the liberation of the last IS' pocket was good example to the effective achievements of SDF which deserve the title of peace."

The co- chair of of Afrin canton 's council Shiraz Hamo, concluded her speech saying" IS' ideology must be eradicated, and it is very necessary that international forces and humanitarian organizations join hands together with Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) to eradicate of the remnants of IS.



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