Hamo: Hesitant Kurdish parties must clarify their position on Kurdistan National Congress

Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Shukri Hamo called for the need to hold the Kurdistan National Congress, as the only solution to put an end to the conspiracies and plans that target the existence of the Kurdish people and their legitimate rights.

With the continuation of the efforts to hold the Kurdistan National Congress in Rojava, and the stalling of some Kurdish parties for participation, a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Shukri Hamo, in an exclusive interview to our agency ANHA, called on all independent parties and personalities to participate in the congress in Rojava. "All political parties must participate in it without exception to reach a joint decision that meets the aspirations and legitimate rights of the Kurdish people," he said.

Holding the congress at this stage is a great step towards unifying the Kurdish ranks

Hamo said that the convening of the Kurdistan National Congress and come up with unified resolutions will constitute a political reference for the Kurdish people in Rojava to take serious steps to unite the Kurdish ranks and stand in the face of any danger against the presence of the Kurdish people on its historic land.

Hamo added, "the call and endeavors of the Kurdistan National Congress, and the discussion on the draft it presented with the political, independent and societal parties, are a blessed step in the convergence and put forward ideas and ideas in order to reach the convening of the Kurdistan National Congress in the interest of the Kurdish people at this stage.

Hamo pointed out that the stage requires the convening of the Kurdistan Congress, "therefore, the parties that have not shown their position so far, have to confirm their participation in the convening, because the demand of the Kurdish street and Kurdish political parties in this fateful phase is to convene a national congress to serve the needs of the Kurdish people about what is happening on the Kurdish scene in general and Rojava in particular."

Convening of Kurdistan National Congress is the beginning of the formation of a political reference to contribute to the unification of the Kurdish position in international forums

 Hamo stressed that "the conditions are ripe for unifying the Kurdish ranks and the Kurdish street must put pressure on the political parties at this crucial stage and form a political reference representing the Kurdish people in international forums with a unified and common opinion."

Hamo said in his speech that the Kurdish people are fully aware that the parties which oppose holding this congress must show its political position on the convening of the Kurdistan National Congress, adding, "Unfortunately so far, no decision has been made by some political parties hesitant to participate and support the conference on the pretext of the time is not right."

Shukri Hamo at the end of his speech said, "all political parties, independents and community figures to have to unify the Kurdish rank because the current stage is important for the Kurdish people, as a result of conspiracies and plans aimed at eliminating the presence of the Kurdish people in all Kurdistan parts."



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