Hamo: Ocalan's ideology is best solution for Middle East conflicts

The member of the General Council of Democratic Union party (PYD) in Aleppo has explained that Ocalan's ideology and lifting isolation is the best solution for the peoples in the Middle east, where Turkey's goal is to continuation the conflicts in the Middle east.

An intensive isolation is still continued on Abdullah Ocalan's leader, preventing his family and lawyers of meeting him, amid the spread speculation about leader's health due to coronavirus outbreak.

After the pressures on the Turkish authorities, after the island was burned, and the organization of hundreds of activities condemning Turkish practices against the leader, Turkey allowed a short visit.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the member of the General Council of Democratic Union party (PYD), Badran Hamo of the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafiya

Badran Hamo said: "The Turkish state, through the isolation imposed on the leader, only separated his body from his people, but his thought is distributed among the Kurdish people, and they will not be able to eliminate it."

Hamo pointed out that tightening the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan aims to keep the people out of his mind. He continued, "It requires our people to resist and work in a spirit of struggle to break the isolation, because Turkey wants to continue with this isolation in order to continue the crisis in the Middle East."

Hamo noted that the Kurdish people have proven their presence in the grace of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and continued, saying: "Despite the tightening of isolation in Imrali Island, the leader presented the project of the democratic nation, and Turkey is afraid of this project, because all peoples live with each other, and this is not of their interest, by will These peoples will fail this fascist policy, and isolation will be broken. "

Hamo explained that all capitalist countries know very well that the leader Abdullah Ocalan is the key to a solution in the Middle East. "We, as a Kurdish people, and the components and spectra of the region, must be as much as this free thought that the leader has entrenched for us and lifted this isolation, and work on this philosophy so that we can reach a solution and put security and safety and co-existence in our regions."

At the end of his speech, a member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party of the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafiya Badran Hamo said: "We started with the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and with his idea we will win and liberate, and the freedom of the leader is the freedom of all the peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish people."



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