Hanna: Unity of region's peoples behind SDF to undermine Turkish ambitions, Russian bargains

The official spokesman for the Syriac Military Council (SMC) confirmed that their choice is resistance, but at the same time, he slammed the Russian position on the Turkish attacks, considering it an encouraging factor of the continuation of the Turkish attacks on northeast Syria.

The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army" are trying to occupy new areas and villages in northeast Syria, in addition to controlling the international road, M4 by targeting Ain Issa and its neighboring villages.

They aforementioned parties have recently expanded their attacks on the area to target Tal Tamr and its neighboring villages, in addition to the Russian base, which is supposed to be guaranteeing the ceasefire, but keeps silent.

The Syrian Democratic Forces performed their duty in deterring the Turkish attacks on the region, to be an impregnable barrier to these attacks.

ANHA's agency conducted a meeting with the official spokesman for the Syriac Military Council, Aram Hanna, to talk about the strategic importance of Ain Issa city in light of the constant attacks and Russian silence, and the role of the peoples of the region under the current circumstances.

Hanna said, "Ain Issa city has great strategic importance on the international road and it links the regions of the Jazira and the Euphrates."

"Our forces were a barrier to Turkish ambitions and defend the region with all force and were able to deter these attacks on the city and assume their responsibilities in defending the region and its people," he added.

The attacks on Tal Tamr are linked to that of Ain Issa's

Hanna pointed to the interdependence of the Turkish attacks on Ain Issa and Tal Tamer, "What is happening in Tal Tamer district and its villages is linked to Ain Issa district, adding that the Turkish attacks indicate its" ambitions in our regions and lack of respect for international agreements. "

Hanna considered the "weak and negative Russian position" encourages Turkey's attacks on the region.

The spokesman for the Syriac Military Council called on the Russian forces to shoulder their responsibilities towards the region, stressing, "We, as the Syrian Democratic Forces in general and the SMC in particular, have abided by international agreements, but the Turkish enemy has done the opposite."

The peoples of the region should resist and spread their culture to obtain our rights

Hanna called on "The region's components, prominent personalities in civil society, tribal leaders and clerics to spread culture of resistance among the community, and to work within a unified project that guarantees the rights of the region."

Hanna concluded, "We pledge to our martyrs and our people that we will continue our resistance and continue to defend the gains of our martyrs."



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