Hariri Hewler visit condemned by Women Council

The Women Council of North East Syria has condemned the statements made by Nasr Hariri dubbing them as continuation to the chauvinist ideas that aim to give legitimacy to the Turkish Occupation to the Syrian soil, and to deface the Kurdish color, and that they just serve the Erdoganic aspirations of the AKP

A statement was released by the Women Council of North and East Syria today on the so-called head of the Syrian National Coalition Nasr Hariri visit to Hewler in which the position of government and of leaders of Southern Kurdistan was denounced and reads :

''as the international community hails the victories attended by the SDF fighters and their rare capabilities, and ability to defeat the radical  and ISIS extremism, and the likes, and the liberation of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and others on the Syrian soil, that ushered in nothing but destruction, the SDF that form the main part in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS I the one that stood up to the Turkish Occupation Forces and the mercenary groups in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi, to protect the dignity of people in such areas''.   

''from the very heart of Hewler, capital of Southern Kurdistan, Nasr Hariri head of the Syrian National Coalition stated that they liberated Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi, dubbing both the SDF and the people here as terrorists, to this we put a question to the international community how a land is being liberated from it's own people? If the SNC is the political umbrella and the legitimate partner to the Hamzart and Amshat militias that liberated such areas as they allege, where do crimes in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi discharge into? What about 300 Kurdish women raped and enslaved? What about the Hamzat run detention centers? What about the elderly murdered at the hands of mercenaries affiliated to the AKP in Afrin?''

''what about Hevrine Xelef, Zahra and Barrine that were murdered with cold blood by these militias? What about the Turkish flags that are hoisted on schools and associations, what about outlawing the mother tongue in such areas and the demographic changes and displacement of thousands of people forcibly to live in camps? ''

''Nasr Hariri is the same that dubbed the ENKS members as mere employees that have no right to ask for cultural, national or political rights for the Kurdish people, and never admits the Kurdish identity in Syria, the SNC is the same that made promises to the ENKS to administer Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi''. 

''we denounce these statements made by the SNC and protégés, dubbing them as a continuation to the chauvinist project that gives legitimacy to the Turkish Occupation to such areas and to deform it's Kurdish identity, that just serves Erdoganic aspirations to resuscitate the late Ottoman Empire''.

We call on the international community  to intervene and put an end to the Turkish crimes against people of the region, as well as calling for their liberation and reverting them to their indigenous owners via international guarantees, and we call on all  Syrian females to stand up to every evil species of oppression, occupation and to fight until all lands liberated and to give revival to Syrian women and to increase efforts to play the supposed role in finding solution to the Syrian Crisis and to a just representation in the decision making''.



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