Hariri proposes initiative to get out of Lebanese government formation crisis

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri put forward an initiative to get out of the government formation crisis represented by the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, by naming the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adeeb as an independent finance minister from the Shiite community, whom he would choose, like all other ministers, on the basis of competence, integrity and lack of party affiliation.

Hariri pointed out in a statement that "French President Emmanuel Macron opened a hole in the dead end, so he made two consecutive visits to Lebanon, and put before all political forces a single and final initiative to extend a helping hand to stop the collapse and rebuild Beirut, holding everyone responsible for participating in saving our country from the tragedy that has occured." It befell him and the citizens of all sects and regions

He added, "The President-designate has gone a basic way in reaching a miniature and integrated governmental formula that adheres to the agreed criteria, until a surprising obstacle emerged, which was the request of the Amal Movement and Hezbollah to name the Shiite ministers and to limit the finance portfolio to those they called from the Shiite community, based on the claim that this request was made." It is a constitutional right that stems from the Taif Agreement, while it is a heresy that does not exist either in the constitution or in Taif. "

He stressed that "after more than two weeks, it is clear that obstructing the formation of the government threatens to eliminate the opportunity to achieve the reforms demanded by all the Lebanese, a condition for opening the way for President Macron's call for an international conference to support Lebanon at the end of next month, and therefore the entire French initiative."

He stressed that "facing the danger of Lebanon losing its last brakes to its collapse, with what this means of the outbreak of political, economic, living and security chaos with the insane rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, and with it in inflation, the prices of bread and fuel, and the beginning of the loss of medicines from the markets, in conjunction with a dangerous development in I have decided to help President Adeeb find a way out by naming an independent finance minister from the Shiite community, whom they choose, like all other ministers on the basis of competence, integrity and lack of party affiliation, without this decision in any way indicating recognition of the exclusivity of the Ministry Finance by the Shiite sect or any sect. "

He added, "It must be clear that this decision is one-time and does not constitute a norm upon which to form governments in the future. Rather, it is conditional on facilitating the formation of the government of President Adib, according to the agreed criteria, and facilitating its reform work, in order to curb the collapse of Lebanon and then save it and save the Lebanese."

He considered that “Lebanon’s survival, the livelihood and dignity of the Lebanese people remain greater than sectarian and political conflicts, and they deserve to neutralize the opportunity to save Lebanon from differences, no matter how big they are, and with this step, the responsibility rests with those who refuse to form a government. If they respond and facilitate our victory in Lebanon and the Lebanese win, and if they continue obstructing them, they bear responsibility. The responsibility for missing Lebanon's opportunity to stop the collapse and save the Lebanese from their current tragedies that are likely to increase, God forbid.

Hariri concluded: Once again, I took a decision to ingest poison, a decision I took alone independently of the position of former prime ministers, knowing in advance that this decision might be described by some as political suicide, but I took it for the sake of the Lebanese, and I am confident that it represents an irreplaceable decision. To try to save the last chance to stop the horrific collapse and prevent Lebanon from falling into the unknown. "



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