Hassan Mohamed Ali: We must remove occupying regional powers, draw road map to resolve Syrian crisis

"The Syrian crisis can't be solved in the presence of occupying regional powers," the member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD)Hassan Mohamed said.

On the Syrian Constitution and the development of a road map to resolve the Syrian crisis, ANHA conducted an interview with the member of the Presidential Council of the MSD Mohamed Ali who talked about the solutions of the crisis in Syria.

Mohammed Ali stressed at the outset that the MSD is the political front of the people of northern and eastern Syria and "has a clear vision of the Syrian crisis, and has provided a road map for Russia to find a comprehensive solution to the crisis in Syria and the basis of the solution is the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, the Syrian regime did not respond well, so they have to sit at the same table with all Syrian components to ensure the future of Syria. "

He added, "the acceptance of the negotiating party and respect for its proposals will reduce the difficulties and obstacles that have prolonged the crisis, and the reasons for their emergence should be analyzed and debated at the negotiating table. All parties will be able to find comprehensive solutions that contribute to the desired goal. Other solutions will be temporary solutions, and government representatives put forward many solutions, but not a comprehensive solution to the crisis, Syria needs a radical solution to the crisis, and the establishment of a new Syrian constitution for all Syrians."

There is no solution under the Turkish occupation

Mohammad Ali touched on the continuation of Turkish colonial policy adding "There will be no solution to the crisis as long as there are areas occupied by Turkey, especially the areas of Idlib, Jrablos and Afrin, we will not be able to resolve the Syrian crisis."

He added, "Turkey must come out of Syrian territory and the Syrians must sit at one table to discuss the crisis. "

He referred to Syrian-Syrian dialogue forums organized by MSD, the last of which was last month, where he presented visions that could be "the basic principles of the constitution."

He concluded, "We will gather the Syrians and try to hold a conference for the Syrian opposition and all the Syrians in the north-east of Syria. This will come after holding many meetings and discussions on a lot of issues related to the Syrian constitution and solving the Syrian crisis."



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