Hasso: Women have pioneer role in political work since establishment PYD 

Aisha Hasso said in her speech that the PYD is a project based on the democratic nation, and women have a role in change and influencing political work since its establishment, she noted, "The conference has a special importance at this historical stage, and critical issues must be discussed in relation to women's rights, political role and achievements."

This came during the opening speech of the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hasso, at the second conference of the Democratic Union Party’s Women’s Council, which was launched this morning in Rmelan town, Qamishlo canton.

Aisha Hasso began her speech by saying: “Women have made great strides in order to obtain the rights that they had achieved through their great sacrifices and unrivaled resistance, which has become an example for the whole world to follow, and from here and on the moral imperative for us, we must remember the fighters such as the martyr Sheilan, her companions and Yasmina Syria. The martyr Hevrin Khalaf, whose fragrant body smelled all over Syria to be the icon of the political woman for the democracy of Syria, the mother is Aqeedah, the martyr Zilan Arab, a member of our party, and the martyrs of the Three Kongra Star, Zahra Haboun, the mother Amina, and all those who sacrificed themselves to reach this stage.

Disintegration winds are the worst paths unless the components of the region are standing in line

Aisha added: We also must make history in this country whose crisis was intertwined and extended its life beyond what is possible due to external interference, so if we put the timing back a little back, that is, to the beginning of the crisis in the Middle East, specifically the events of Iraq, and then the movement of Tunisia, through Egypt, and then to Syria, the contradictory global approaches in the Middle East led to the emergence of poles again, and contrast and dissonance began to appear on the surface between global policies in the countries of the Middle East, and the height of this divergence in political paths in Syria, which increased the intensity of the bloody conflict.

Aisha Hassou touched upon the extension of the arms of countries sponsoring terrorism, such as the Turkish state to Syria, and its southern borders opened a transit road for the gangs that have afflicted the Syrian people, financed them and provided them with all the necessary logistical techniques, with the aim of bringing about the largest possible amount of killing, destruction and forced displacement, substituting components for others, and working on demographic change in The neighboring border areas first, as well as the gross violations in the occupied areas, so in light of this chaos and bloody conflict and the escalation of the conflict between the two contradictory lines, the regime and the so-called opposition had a third line that fits the Syrian reality and fits the mosaic of the people with all its components, and this is the line that our party, the existing Democratic Union Party, follows on the democratic project of the nation and the brotherhood of peoples through difficult stages and great sacrifices.

Aisha Hassou said: that, in order not to destroy all cities and infrastructure in Syria, and to avoid the terrorist wave, autonomous administrations have been established in the cantons of northeastern Syria.  The project is unique of its kind, except that the Turkish state, with its intervening policy in Syria, by sending its mercenaries to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, pursued the occupation in Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Tal Abyad, which was its last attack on Hafatanin.

Aisha emphasized that the stage the region is going through is sensitive and dangerous, and the winds of destruction and disintegration are the worst paths unless the components of the region stand together.

The conference is particularly important at this stage

On the convening of the conference, Aisha Hasso touched upon: “The conference has a special importance at this historical stage in which we will discuss a very important topic, which is related to the rights of women, their role and achievements, their general council within the umbrella of the Democratic Union Party, and the peoples' brotherhood project, as the Women's Council worked hard to revive the role of Women in society and communicating with them at the level of the Middle East in all feminist organizations to achieve gender equality and remove political, economic, social and intellectual obstacles to women's liberation.

And she continued: Since the establishment of the party, we emphasized the role of women in change and influencing political action, especially that our party adopted the ideology of the democratic nation as an approach to it.

  The sacrifices that reached this stage were made, and they deservedly demonstrated the ability to manage the helm of leadership in all arenas without tirelessness.

Aisha Hassou, co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, concluded her speech by saying: "We hope that in this conference we will discuss issues of violence against women and the crimes committed against them, and how to activate the women's cycle in all fields and remove the obstacles they face in society."



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