​​​​​​​Hawar news agency ANHA plan 23-9-2022

The Lebanese human rights activist, lawyer Manal Majed, confirmed that Turkey's continued imposition of isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan and the failure to implement the "Right of Hope" law represents a flagrant violation of human rights and all international conventions and an attack on human dignity, and indicated that the ferocity of Turkish practices did not succeed in curbing Leader Ocalan's thoughts (photos attached).

Syrian activists warned of the emerging threat of ISIS in Syria with the growing emergence of a new generation in al-Hol that could be a tool for carrying out "terrorist" operations in the future, and would pose a threat to the world, explaining that the international community is pressing not to receive ISIS mercenaries and their families; To keep the area under the threat of this potentially explosive danger at any moment (photos are attached).

The co-chair of Rojava University, Dr. Abdul Ilah Mustafa, confirmed that they had held several meetings with the competent authorities in Southern Kurdistan, and with some academics and politicians who were among the decision makers in Southern Kurdistan, exchanging experiences, and establishing joint workshops. Everyone has shown their support in this field" (photos and videos are attached).


Throughout Iranian history; Persian ethnic identity was dominant and its social culture was very ancient. This geography has succeeded in countless powers, and has played the central role of the Middle East, while its economic, historical and cultural richness has always attracted the attention of outside powers. The Islamists who came to power after the overthrow of the Shah's regime tightened their grip on the peoples of Iran and even sought to extend the Islamic revolution outside the country. They participated in the war fronts in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and sought to prove their presence (photos are attached).


The Armenian Women's Union expressed its condemnation of the murder of the Armenian captive "Anush Apetian" at the hands of the Azerbaijani army, and stressed that the Turkish occupation state is a helping hand for anyone who seeks ruin, so wherever ruin is found, it is with Turkish support and in a way that serves its colonial interests, in reference to support for the Turkish occupation. Azerbaijan in its aggression against Armenia. (photos and video attached).

The Young Women's Union in Tabqa is preparing to participate in the forum "The Revolutionary People's War protects the young woman herself and destroys violence and occupation", and consolidating the concept of the revolutionary people's war among all women will be a priority for discussion during the forum (photos and videos are attached).

The world and the Middle East

In a dramatic development over the past few days, border clashes erupted simultaneously between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and this coincided with the escalation of tension between Russia on one side and the West on the other hand in Ukraine (photos attached).