​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center 29-6-2020

Follow the course of events in the northeast of regions of Syria-

- -Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria

-People of Girkê Legê recall the 24th anniversary of the martyrdom of the militant Zilan at the Aram Tigran Center for Culture and Art. at 10:00 (photos and videos attached )

-People of Kobani visit a number of martyrs at the martyr Tigris shrine, at 17:00 (attached with pictures and videos)  

- -The Union of Young Women in Al-Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ashrafieh neighborhood in Aleppo is organizing a demonstration in Al-Mashael, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the militant Zilan, at 19:30. (Photo and video attached )

-The Kongra Star is organizing a meeting in Amudah, an effective event to remember the militant Zilan, at 10.00 at the conference headquarters. (Photo and video attached).

-Notable of the al-Umriya clan in al-Darbasiyah, said that the success of the first stage is a "positive and historic" step, and all Kurdish parties should be based on the responsibility and trust the people have given them. (Photo and video attached).

-Al-Shahba district is witnessing a fuel crisis which led to raising the transportation fare between villages and districts, while an administrator in the Fuel Committee indicated that if the Syrian government’s blockade continues, it may create a crisis at all levels in the province. (Photo and video attached).


-A number of Qamishlo women expressed their refusal to tighten the AKP's isolation on Ocalan, and called on women to go to the arenas to demand Ocalan's freedom. (Photo and video attached).

Middle East

-Lebanese researcher and expert on Turkish affairs, Dr. Hoda Rizk, said that Turkey has sought since the beginning of the Syrian crisis to hand over the country's rule to the Muslim Brotherhood, and confirmed that Turkish dreams in Iraq are old, renewed with the American invasion and with the emergence of Arab weakness, and indicated that the problem that Turkey suffers from It is caused by the denial of the Turkish issue.

-Two members of the Future Syria Party indicated that the Turkish occupation army is intensifying its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria with the aim of forming a new Janissary army, emptying the areas of its indigenous population, changing the demography of the region, and reviving the Ottomans in it. (Photo and video attached).

-Aisha Agar Bashanran, a spokesperson for the Women’s Democratic Committee, said that there is no difference between the massacres of Turkey against women and ISIS practices, explaining that Turkey’s goal behind targeting women is to eliminate the democratic nation’s project in northern and eastern Syria and stifle the women's revolution.


-Although his body was almost completely burned, and his groaning,  jihad that set fire to his body 21 years ago on this day, asks and answers: "If you ask what does the leader Abdullah Ocalan mean to me? I will answer the world and the hereafter , existence, non-being, personality, courage, ethics and everything in life. "