Hawar News Agency Center 30-3-2020

- Following-up the events in northeastern Syria.

- Following-up events and activities in northeastern Syria.

- The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Secretary General of the Kurdish Party Forces Union Abdul Karim Siko pointed out that the Başûr Government is responsible for the camp of martyr, Rustam Jodi (Mexmûr), and pointed out that the political parties should join hands to serve the Kurds. (Attached with photos and video).

- The Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria confirmed the completion of quarantine centers in the autonomous areas and that they are in the process of taking further action if the status quo continues.  (Attached with photos and video).

- The curfew and precautionary measures in northeastern Syria have contributed to the absence of any cases of Covid-19 so far, while the number of people who contracted it in the world has reached more than 664,590. (Attached with photos and video).


 - The killing of the Iranian dissident Massoud Mawlwi Werdanjani at the Iranian consulate in Turkey exposed the double standards of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who incited the entire world against Saudi Arabia in the case of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but did not lift a finger following Werdanjani's death. (Attached with the pictures).


- The vegetables cultivation project in Tirbespiyê area contributes to fulfilling part of the region's need for seasonal vegetables, in addition to securing jobs for women. (Attached with photos and video).

Society and Life

- A volunteer group of women in Tirbespiye area is making muzzles, explains that everyone is obliged to work to prevent the threat of coronavirus. (Attached with photos and video).