Hawar News Agency center plan 1-21-2021

- Follow-up of the events in the regions of northeast Syria

- Follow-up of the events and activities in northern and eastern Syria

 -The Autonomous Administration in Jazira region commemorates the seventh anniversary of its founding, in - the Bailasan in Amouda district, at 10:00, (attached with photos and video).

Wajih, the Al-Bakir clan in Deir Ezzor, condemned the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan and the Turkish attacks on NE Syria, and said that Turkey follows hateful policies in the region. (Attached with pictures and video).

- People of Al-Darbasiyah district explained that the intensification of attacks on northern and eastern Syria aims to erase the identity and history of the peoples of the region with the presence of the Russian guarantor who turned into a party in the attacks, and they said: "Russia does not separate from Turkey." (Attached with pictures and video).


On the third anniversary of the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, the Syrian Women's Council in Qamishlo organizes a protest stand in front of the United Nations building in the Seyahi neighborhood, at 11:00, (attached with video photos).

- Women in northern and eastern Syria enjoy an advanced space to participate in all fields, especially politics, while the most developed countries in the world hardly give them a formal representation in political life and national decision-making. (Attached with pictures).


- A member of public relations in the Syrian Democratic Council, Salam Hussein, confirmed that Turkey is a country that has passed the stage of occupation in the region, especially Afrin, and that it has done what no occupying country in the world has done in terms of committing crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide against the components of the region. (Attached with pictures and video).

- An administrator in the Future Syria Party pointed out that the goal of the Damascus government in the siege of al-Shahba canton is to obtain concessions from the Autonomous Administration, and said, “The Syrian regime and Turkey are two sides of the same coin.” (Attached with photos and video)

Society and life

- The head of the Jabour tribal council in the Jazirah region, Fawaz Al-Zawbaa, confirmed that the assassinations that affect the tribal figures in Deir Ezzor aim to stir up strife, and explained that adherence to the system of self-management and coexistence is the best way to confront all plans against the region. (Attached with pictures and video).