Hawar News Agency center plan 1-24-2021

- Follow-up of the events taking place in north and east Syria.

- Follow-up of the events and activities in north and east Syria.

- The people of Raqqa and its countryside, the martyr Khaled Hassan Al-Karrad, will lay the body of the martyr, Khaled Hassan Al-Karrad, to his final resting place in the Shahd Shrine in the town of Al-Jadidat in the eastern countryside of Raqqa, at 1:00 (attached with photos and video).

The Future Syria Party is organizing an office opening ceremony in Tal Koçber district, at 9:00. (Attached with pictures and video).

- People of Baraf, in the Derik region, demonstrate against the Turkish threats. The demonstration starts from Bark village to Ain Dewar. At 10.00. (Attached with pictures and video).

The Kongra Star in Tirbespiye district will make a statement to condemn the crimes of the Turkish occupation against civilians in Tal Rifaat. At 11.00. (Attached with pictures and video

- The Lawyers Union of Afrin region makes a statement denouncing the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan, in the village of Tal Sawsan, at 11:00 (attached with photos and video).

- The Council of Martyrs' Families of Afrin Region organizes a funeral ceremony for the martyrs of Tal Rifaat district, who were martyred after the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, at 11:00, (attached with photos and video).


- Najmuddin Mulla Omar said that the will of the leader Abdullah Ajlan was not defeated even in tight isolation. On the contrary, the freedom movement was strengthened. (Attached with pictures and video).

- The Martyrs' Families Council organizes a ceremony in absentia for the martyr in the Popular Defense Forces, Haifa Ramo, who was martyred in the resistance of Haftanin, in the shrine of the martyr Dalil Saroukhan, at 12:00. (Attached with pictures and video).


- The co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, Muhammad Shaheen, commenting on the bombing of a house in the countryside of Kobani by a drone, “What happened yesterday was one of the Turkish violations of the security and stability of the region, which was accompanied by Russian and international silence.” (Attached with photos and video).

- The co-chair of the Intellectuals Union in Al-Jazira region indicated that Russia and the Turkish state are the beneficiaries of the blockade imposed by the Damascus government on al-Shahba canton, and said, “With the people's resistance, they will not be allowed to reach their goals.” (Attached with photos and video).

- The lecturer at the Academy of Democratic Society, Kivara Sheikh Noor, said that the main goal of the special war is to strike at the morals of society, and indicated that the Turkish occupation and the government of Damascus practiced the special war in the city of Deir Ezzor by assassinating the notables of the Arab tribes. (Attached with pictures and video).

Journalist Farda Cettin indicated that the new US administration headed by Joe Biden would work to form a new coalition in Iraq to protect its interests, and said that Biden is open to the new democrats. (Attached with pictures and video).


- At a time when Syrian opposition blocs are mobilizing against Turkey's domination of its decision, reports have warned of a slow tsunami that may hit Syria, while Turkey is preparing for a more difficult stage with Joe Biden, while the Libyans continue their attempts to end the crisis in the country. (Attached with pictures).


- The resistance, whose historical details revolved between the alleys and streets of the city of Kobane, proved that the world can unite to defend humanity, and that the Kurds can unite in order to defend the cause, and that the solid will and the culture of attachment to the land is what makes victory. (Attached with pictures and video).

 - Everyone awaits the results of the Turkish Defense Minister’s visit to Baghdad and Höller, as observers agree that this visit was not as normal as its results. The director of the "Kurds Without Borders" center believes that Turkey is racing to impose a new reality, while a Yazidi journalist confirmed that a new plot is being hatched against Shengal, saying: “Erdogan and his authority are continuing to kill us.” (Attached with photos).