​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center Plan 10-25-2021

 Today, commemoration activities for the martyr Birtan will be held in Amuda, Qamishlo, Girkê Legê, Terbesoiyê district, Çil Agha district, Darbasiyah district, and Al-Hasakah city.  (photos and video attached).

 The Health Authority in the Jazira Region honors a number of breast cancer patients in the tower hall in Qamishlo city, at 11:00 (photos and videos are attached).

 The people of Al-Hasakah mourn the martyr Ibrahim Ahmed Hammoud of the Internal Security Forces, at the shrine of Martyr Dajwar in the village of Al-Daoudia at 15:00 (photos and videos are attached).

 The Helat Center for the Rehabilitation and Care of ISIS Children opens today in the city of Hasaka at 10:00 (photos and videos are attached).

 Today, the health institute in the city of Al-Hasakah is opened by the administration 11:00 (photos and videos are attached).

The co-chair of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement in the Euphrates region, Osman Khalaf, said that Turkey is waging a special war against the region after its failure in the military war, and urged the people to confront Turkey's efforts to dismantle society.  (photos and video attached).

 The people of Tal Tamr district in northeastern Syria considered the threats of the Turkish occupation as an attempt to empty the area of ​​its residents and displace them, stressing their readiness to disarm and confront any new Turkish attack on the area.  (photos and video attached).

 The developments in the regions of northern and eastern Syria indicate that the Russian, American, Syrian and international silence gives the green light to the Turkish occupation to commit more crimes and violations against the people of the region, days after the Turkish drones escalated the attacks against the region.  (photos and video attached).

 Over the course of more than 3 years of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the olive production rate fell to the lowest levels after cutting and burning thousands of trees by mercenaries as a subversive and provocative approach they adopted against the people of Afrin, as olives are a main source of income for them.  (photos and video attached).

 The residents of the city of Hasaka pointed out that the continuous international silence about the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its use of chemical weapons against the legitimate defense areas is evidence and proof of its support for these attacks.  (photos and video attached).


 American researchers, Michael Rubin and Nicholas Heras, warned of the danger of any new Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria, and considered them to have "disastrous consequences for the fight against terrorism," and stressed that "Erdogan is distracting the Turks from the bad internal conditions and the theft of billions of dollars."  Pictures attached).


 Artists said that the Turkish state is attacking the Kurdish people with the support of international forces, and they mentioned that the Kurdish people, intellectuals, politicians and writers, should not remain silent in the face of genocide attacks.  (photos and video attached).