Hawar News Agency center plan 11-26-2020

- Follow-up of the events taking place in the NE Syria regions.

- Follow-up events and activities in NE Syria.

- Two of the Syrian Democratic Forces leaders on the Ain Issa fronts indicated that the resistance of the SDF inflicted a painful blow to Turkey and its mercenaries, and thus thwarted a major attack on the town, and said: “If we are under attack dozens of times, we will defeat our enemies every time.” (Attached with photos and video) .

- Graduates from Rojava University began working in autonomous administration institutions. (Attached with pictures and video).

- Despite the implementation of the total ban measures in the Euphrates region, it did not achieve the desired results, which is what the health authority in the region attributed to the residents' lack of commitment to the necessary measures. (Attached with pictures and video).

- people of Afrin in al-Shahba, denounced the movements of the Iraqi government’s army on the borders of the Şengal district, and considered them as a threat of new genocide against the Yazidis. (Attached with pictures and video).

- Citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the cooperation of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) with Turkey and its repeated visits, and said, “These visits will pose a threat to the Kurdish unity.” (Attached with photos and video).


- The Kongra Star issues a statement in Kobane in the Free Women’s Square on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, at 11:00 (attached with photos and video).


- The families of martyred guerrilla fighters considered that the PKK represented a revolutionary breakthrough against fascist regimes, and the voice of oppressed peoples in the face of injustice. (Attached with pictures and video).

- The father of the two martyrs, Gulistan and Maysa, explained that the PKK is heart of the Kurdish people, and said: “Any area in Kurdistan that is in crisis or problem, the party rushes to protect it without hesitation.” (Attached with photos and video).

- Martyr Walat says of the PKK: “The world knows that the PKK is not a lover of weapons except for peace.” During his message to the people of Kurdistan, he described the nature of Kurdistan by saying, “The most skilled painters are unable to paint it, and the poets disclosed that he cannot describe it as simple.” (Attached with pictures)

- female citizen said that she met the leader Abdullah Ocalan, that the leader was focusing on the necessity of the Kurds' dependence on themselves to solve their cause. (Attached with pictures and video).

Society and life

- The People's Municipality in the city of Manbij is working, within its service projects, to equip a clock tower in the city center, as it is considered the first project of its kind in the city. (Attached with pictures and video).


- The Revolutionary Youth Movement is organizing in the city of Hasakah a march in support of the people of Şengal and its Autonomous Administration, and denouncing the agreements between the Iraqi government and Başur, at 15:00, attached (photos and video).

- The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Union issues a statement on developments in Şengal, in the Free Women’s Square in Kobane, at 13:30 (attached with photos and videos).

- The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Union is organizing in the city of Kobane a celebration on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), at 16:00 (attached with photos and video).