Hawar News Agency Center plan 2-25-2021

 A number of intellectuals said that the failure of the security authorities in southern Kurdistan to grant a work permit to the Ronahi satellite in  Başûr Kurdistan is evidence of the lack of democracy, as well as evidence that the decision of the authorities in the region is in the hands of the Turkish state.  (Attached with pictures and video).

 - The people of Tal Tamr district demanded the Russian "guarantor" to clarify his position on staying or leaving, and working seriously to stop the crimes of the Turkish occupation, pointing out that Russia is working to protect its interests at the expense of the people of the region, and one of them said, "Since its arrival, it has not fulfilled its duties a guarantor.).attached with photos and videos)

 - The official spokesman for the Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria, Ibrahim Sheikho, said, “The American New York Times is complicit with the Turkish occupation in legitimizing its occupation of Afrin,” indicating that Turkey has bought its liabilities and another Spanish newspaper, similar to what it did previously with the International Arms Prohibition Organization,  About the use of chemical weapons by its army in Serêkaniyê.  (Attached with pictures and video).


 -The parliamentarian for the HDP described the Nazi war as a war waged by the Turkish state against their party as a war that comes within the framework of an all-out war with an international decision against the democratic nation system, the Kurds and the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.  (Attached with pictures and video).


 - The mothers of the Peopls' Defense Forces fighters blessed Gara's victory over the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and expressed their pride in the sacrifices of their sons, stressing that "the Turkish state targets Kurdistan's  Basûr Mountains and arrests politicians in Bakur and commits crimes in northern and eastern Syria in an attempt to exterminate the Kurdish people."  (Attached with pictures and video (


 - A member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Sheikho, stressed the need for the Kurdish parties to be freed from the restrictions surrounding them by the enemies of the Kurds, stressing the need for those parties not to remain captive to their partisan and personal interests away from the interests of the Kurdish people.  (Attached with pictures and video).


 - Three years after the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the Turkish authorities are trying to show the world their "achievements" and how they persuaded some international newspapers to enter the region with their soldiers and narrate their version of the events.  (Attached with pictures).

 Society and life

- Bullying, arrogant response, insults and obscene language are the first things you may find when you answer a phone call while you are passing through the Syrian government checkpoints and mercenaries loyal to Turkey, and a picture on your phone may be a reason for putting you in prison and subjecting you to torture for dozens of months.  (Attached with pictures).

 - The Turkish occupation state is fighting the Syrian people by various means, water is one of the aspects of that war, in addition to cutting off the water from Hasaka, Turkey is working from time to time to reduce the level of the Euphrates water flowing into the Syrian lands, and recently the frightening decrease of water threatens the Tishreen Dam to be out of service if  Continue for days to come.  (Attached with pictures).