​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center Plan 2-8-2021

  • The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mahmoud Barkhdan, warned the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) that their forces would not stand idly by if the party reached its attacks on the Peoples Defense Forces, and urged the Kurdistan Democratic Party to retract its cooperation with the Turkish occupation state, describing it as a betrayal. (photo and video attached)
  • Hussein Al-Sheikh, the deputy co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Euphrates region, said that the threat of ISIS continues to affect the whole world, stressing the need for countries to receive their nationals and the formation of special courts for ISIS mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria. (photo and video attached)
  • The people of Qamishlo city denounced the horrific massacre committed by Turkish racists, under the directives of the state, against a Kurdish family in Bakur Kurdistan, and pointed out that these massacres enjoy international support. (photo and video attached)
  • The families of the martyrs in the Tabqa area condemned the Turkish occupation’s attack on a shrine for martyrs in the occupied city of Afrin, describing it as an inhumane act and far from morals and values. (photo and video attached)
  • Citizens demanded the KDP to stop manipulating the fate of the Kurds and make deals with the Turkish occupation state at the expense of the Kurdish cause. (photo and video attached)
  • In a war crime forbidden by the United Nations, the occupation army launched a direct bombardment of the school of the village of Kozliya, west of Tel Tamer, causing it to be out of service, amidst its denunciation of the international silence. (photo and video attached)
  • Hashem Suleiman al-Jarba, one of the sons of the sheikhs of Shammar, confirmed that the Autonomous Administration project preserved Syria's strength and that everyone should follow it. He said: "Damascus' statements for media consumption are inaccurate." (photo and video attached)
  • The Council of the Future Syria Party in Manbij makes a statement on the developments taking place in Daraa Governorate in southern Syria, at 10:00 in front of its center in the center of Manbij. (photo and video attached)


  • A resident of Jadalah village spoke to us; Hussein Nayef Khader, about his story during the August 3, 2014 massacre, he said, "They took us to the cemeteries of the Yazidis who were killed," and added that without the Guerilla forces and fighters from western Kurdistan, not a single Yazidi would have survived. (photo and video attached)


  • Journalist Aziz Koyluoğlu pointed out that America, in the context of its new strategy, is abandoning military occupation, and taking political and economic occupation as its basis. (photo and video attached)