​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center Plan 20-20-2020

  • Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria.
  • Follow-up activities and activities in the northeast of Syria.
  • Follow up the developments of the second phase of the campaign Counter-Terrorism.
  • Yazidi elderly Suleiman Jolie remembers some of Turkey's crimes against Yezidi community, and says: Turkey has been arguing for the protection of its borders, but it has been killing us for many years. (Photo and video attached)
  • Members of the Martyrs' Families Council in the city of Al-Hasakah said that unity is an fulfillment of the dreams of freedom martyrs and put an end to the coorpution in the region due to the Turkish occupation.  (Photo and video attached)


  • Advisor to the Legal Authority of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration  in the Euphrates region, Walat Hami, said that the Turkish governments disrespect for international covenants and laws was a forever stance.  (Photo and video attached)


  • In the women of liberated areas of ISIS mercenaries achieved a struggle and organizational model unique in its composition in the Arab and western region, where women  managed in Rojava, by drawing this struggle achievement in the march of freedom to consolidate and strengthen their struggle within a society free from male thought . (Photo and video attached)

Society and life

  • Girê Spî IDP camp lacks the capacity to receive more families, as a result of the international organizations concerned with humanitarian affairs ignoring support for the displaced. (Photo and video attached)
  • People's Municipality in Al-Shaddadi called on the Municipalities and Environment Committee in Al Al-Hasakah to support them to repair the desalination plant in the district, which will cover 80% of the district and countryside need for drinking water. (Photo and video attached)


Other news