Hawar News Agency Center Plan: 20- 5- 2022

-Under ' Together Towards an Aware, Moral and Responsible Media', YRD in North and East Syria holds its sixth periodical conference in the Conferences Hall in the Rojava University in the city of Qamishlo.

- American scholar and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Michael Ruben dubbed the project engineered by the Turkish state an ethnic cleansing lashing out at the stance adopted by the Arab and western countries regarding crimes committed by Turkey.

- Notables of Arab and Kurdish tribes in the Hasaka Canton considered the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state on the region targeting of its components confirming that the aim is not to occupy new lands but to apply the Neo-Ottomanism.


- Spokesperson for the Seere Kaniye IDP Committee Jamil Mahmoud The Turkish occupation project to settle more than a million Syrian refugees in northern Syria is contrary to the United Nations Security Council Res 2254 dated 18 December 2015 and deepens the crisis in the country.

-Mercenary Abdullah Ismail one of the ISIS most dangerous men and in charge of the terrorist acts in the city of most notable the attack on the Sinia'a Prison in in January Hasaka admitted that they used to receive instructions from the Turkish Intelligence Services confirming that the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, foiled their plots. 

-the people of the Jazira Region express their rejection in a series of activities of the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan and denounce the attacks carried oput by the Turkish occupation forces and the betrayal by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK.


Ismail Ali Ismail who joined the pehmergha forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1992 and is present now in Rojava say that Southern Kurdistan is occupied by Turkish bases there. Ismail called on the Southern Kurdistan government and rthe Kurdistan Democratic Party to pay the way for the people to expel occupiers from Southern Kurdistan.