​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center Plan 26-7-2021

Joseph Lahdo called on the international community to hold the occupying Turkish state accountable for the crime of digging up graves, and to stay away from double standards.

At a time when discussions are continuing with international powers to establish an international court to try ISIS mercenaries and their families, a researcher in international terrorism warned that those prisons and camps "will be incubators of terrorism and may be subjected to terrorist attacks to expel them, as happened in Afghanistan."


The co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, Muhammad Shaheen, indicated that the Turkish occupation state wants to establish an extremist project in the region, starting from the occupied areas in northern and eastern Syria to all areas of the Middle East, pointing to Turkey's attempts to revive the defunct Ottoman Sultanate.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of Afrin described the coming of the Turkish occupation Minister of Interior, Suleiman Soylu, to the occupied cities of Afrin and Azaz as a "consolidation of the occupation", and called on the Damascus government to assume its responsibilities.


The Iraqi writer and political researcher Nazeer Al-Kanduri stressed that the upcoming elections, if not postponed, will not carry any serious changes in the structure of the current system based on sectarian, national and partisan quotas. He believed that the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington will not end with the complete withdrawal of US forces, expecting an escalation between Forces loyal to Iran and US forces in Iraq.