Hawar News Agency Center plan 29-7-2020

- Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and events in northeast of Syria.

- Private sources from inside the occupied Idlib region stated that a batch of Syrian mercenaries is preparing Turkey to be sent to Azerbaijan in exchange for large sums of money. (Photo and video attached).


-The Co-chair of the Youth and Sports Committee in Manbij Mohsen Al-Jassem said that the regions of northeast of Syria are subject to Turkey's private war against the young people and women in an attempt to spread chaos among them, as the young people are drawn to matters that are not compatible with the morals and values of society .


- Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Ahmed Khojah said that "the war waged by the Turkish state on Haftanin aims to eliminate the Kurdish presence ," and stressed the need for the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government to move to stop these attacks ( attached with photos and videos)


-There will be calm in the Lebanese regions where clashes took place on Monday, where the Israeli artillery shelling stopped, in light of the continued flight of reconnaissance and warplanes in the skies of Lebanese villages, so what happened and where are the developments heading? (Attached with the pictures).


- The Research Committee and Statistics of the Kongra Star revealed the outcome of attacks against women in the occupied areas during two years of the Turkish occupation, with a documentary file under the title "Women under Turkish Occupation" (attached with pictures and video).

- The  Kongra Star of Afrin region is preparing for the second time to hold a conference in Al-Shahba district, after holding a series of meetings for women in the districts and towns and appointing administrators therein. (attached with photos and video ).

Society and life

-The Al-Shadadi clinic receives more than 300 references daily, and the precautionary measures were intensified after new casualties in northeast of Syria were recorded. (attached with photos and video).

- The cooperative project set up by the management of the camp of Muhajiri Camp, Girê Spî, started  offering its vegetable which contributes to providing vegetables at prices commensurate with their purchasing power. (attached with photos and video).

- Some villages west of Kobani canton suffer from a lack of drinking water, as residents resort to buying water, while other villages suffer from the problem of drinking water pollution and the relevant authorities revealed projects that would solve these problems while they were being completed. (attached with photos and video).