​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center plan 4-12-2022

 The youth of Aleppo denounced the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and stressed the continuation of the resistance and struggle until the physical freedom of the leader is achieved (attached with photos and videos).

 Patriotic figures considered that the Guerrilla forces are a symbol of resistance for the people of Kurdistan, stressing, "Our only option to repel the Turkish attacks and crimes is to unite to achieve victory" (attached with photos and videos).

 The sheikhs, notables of clans, and citizens in northern and eastern Syria denounced the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on northern and eastern Syria, and stressed their steadfastness and resistance with their military forces, stressing that they will defend their land at all costs (attached with photos and videos).

 The head of the Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria, Firas Qassas, confirmed that the attacks of the Turkish occupation aim at sabotage the only successful project in Syria represented by the Democratic Autonomous Administration, indicating that Turkish ambitions for the Syrian lands have no limits, and he noted that there is a common desire between the Turkish occupation and the Damascus government to destroy the Autonomous Administration (attached with photos).

 The Endowment Office of the occupied Girê Spî canton council denounced the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries' targeting of places of worship, indicating that it is an act contrary to the teachings of religions (attached with photos and videos).

 The Catalan parliamentarian, Robin Wagensberg, who came with his country's delegation to the region, indicated that they and the peoples of the region are allies in the struggle for freedom and democracy, and said, "For this reason, it is our duty to support the peoples of the region" (attached with photos and videos).


 Last Wednesday, ISIS mercenaries announced the killing of their leader, "Abu al-Hassan al-Hashemi al-Qurashi," and experts believe that ISIS suffers from a defect, while the Turkish occupation state has strengthened its repressive arsenal against the media and the opposition, months before the crucial elections in Turkey, which is the matter.  Which raises the concern of journalists and activists (attached with pictures).