Hawar News Agency Center Plan 5-8-2021

In the wake of the racist attacks against the Kurds, Fawza Yusef explained that the existence of the Kurdish people is in danger, and she said: "If we do not develop the means of self-defense, we will not be able to stand in the face of this danger." (photos and video attached).

  • Seven years after the August 2014 firman, forces hostile to the will of the Yezidis are still plotting against them, an administrator in the Yezidi Asayish confirmed that the popular resistance with the support of the Asayish managed to thwart the plans targeting the Yezidi presence, and said that the Ferman is still continuing, so the Yezidis must be vigilant. (photos and video attached).
  • The fighters of YBŞ and YJŞ stressed the need for the people of Şengal to realize the plans and conspiracies are against them and to take together and rally around their forces as a way to deter them and build a safe Şengal of coexistence. They stressed that if they followed the thought of leader Abdullah Ocalan before 2014, the massacres would not have occurred. (photos and video attached).
  • Citizens stressed the need to continue the activities condemning the absolute isolation imposed by the Turkish state in cooperation with the humiliating forces on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and they pointed out that lifting the isolation has become the demand of all peoples looking for freedom. (photos and video attached).
  • The intellectuals demanded the Kurdistan Democratic Party to stay away from its partisan interests and work for the interest of the Kurdish people, and they said: "It is time to unite the lands of Kurdistan and move away from deals with the Turkish occupation state." (Photos and video attached).
  • Hamad Khader Al-Sharif Wajeeh from the Arab Al-Shaitat clan in Deir ez-Zor called on the international community to recognize the Autonomous Administration as the main representative for components of north and east Syria. (photos and video attached).
  • The people of al-Hasakah denounced the Ain Issa massacre, and considered it a continuation of Turkey's approach of genocide and massacres against the peoples of the region. (photos and video attached).
  • The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombed a wedding hall in the east of Tel Tamer district, south of the international highway between Hasaka and Aleppo (M4)
  • The families of the martyrs in Aleppo affirmed their rejection of the immoral crimes committed by the Turkish state against the martyrs, and said, "digging up the tombs of the martyrs, will not be able to extract their lives from their land, and we will escalate struggle to reach the goals of our martyrs." (photos and video attached).


  • A member of the central committee of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party in Manbij, Farouk al-Hussein, confirmed that imprisoning the Euphrates for the Syrians and cutting off the waters of Alouk station from al-Hasakah is a crime against humanity, pointing out that it was the Turkish intervention that prolonged the life of the Syrian crisis. (photos and video attached).
  • Mahmoud Habib, spokesman for the Northern Democratic Forces, confirmed that the situation in the city of Idlib is very dire, amid Turkish efforts to annex the occupied areas to Turkey. (photos and video attached).
  • The commander of the Tal Abyad Military Council, Riad Al-Khalaf, condemned the massacre committed by the Turkish occupier against a family from the village of Al-Safawiyyeh in Ain Issa district, considering the international community and the Russian guarantor their silence on the Turkish violations as partners in this massacre. (photos and video attached).


  • Everyone is awaiting the course of events in Daraa, southern Syria, which are hardly absent from the media scene until they return to it again. The repeated escalation incidents confirm the importance of this province, from which the spark erupted, which extended to the entire Syrian regions, in addition to the futility of betting on the settlements, which were like "embers under the ashes."