Hawar news agency center plan 5/29/2022

 The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria makes a statement to the public regarding the threats of the Turkish occupation and the demographic change that it is working to implement in the region, at its headquarters in the city of Raqqa at 11:00 (photos and videos are attached).

 The population census process is launched in the southern and eastern region of Hasaka canton in northern and eastern Syria, after it had been completed from the northern and western regions, through the Office of Planning, Development and Statistics in Al-Jazirah Region, at 10:00 in each of "Al-Hol, Al-Shaddadi, Al-Aresha, Markada."  .  (photos and video attached).

 The people of al-Hasakah canton, north and east of Syria, march in solidarity with the resistance of the Popular Defense Forces against the joint genocidal attacks on the legitimate defense areas launched by the Turkish occupation state with the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party forces, at 18:00.  (photos and video attached).

 Egyptian writer and journalist Elhami El-Meligy stressed that Turkey's establishment of settlements in the areas it occupied in northeastern Syria represents an existential threat to Syria, and considered them cancerous foci in the Syrian body, pointing to the need for the Arab countries to move quickly and decisively to stop tampering with the country's demography (attached with pictures).

 The commander of the Tal Tamr Military Council stated that the past two weeks witnessed the recruitment of huge reinforcements for the Turkish occupation army on the contact lines in the Tal Tamr district, and confirmed their readiness to confront any new attack on the district, and expressed his confidence that their forces would not be facing the occupier alone, but would defend the area with the support of the people of the area  (photo and video attached)

 With the Turkish occupation continuing to threaten to occupy new Syrian areas and implement settlement campaigns in the occupied areas, a new round of meetings of the so-called Syrian committee was launched despite the failure of seven previous rounds, as a Syrian opposition confirmed that this committee was "built on falsehood" (photos attached)  .


 The Secretary-General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baki, held the KDP responsible for Turkey's occupation of areas of Başûr, the establishment of military bases and the release of its intelligence hands there, and he called on all Kurdish parties to unite against Turkey's war of extermination against the Kurdish people (photos and videos are attached).

 The world and the Middle East

 The researcher in political economy, Ahmed Omar, expected that the war between Russia and the West will be prolonged, and pointed out that Russia’s impact on Western sanctions will increase the longer the war lasts.  (attached with pictures)

 The government of Damascus recently issued a cybercrime law, the motive of which is clear from its issuance to cover up the growing public criticism of the government’s failure to contain the country’s crises, while political divisions in Libya have reinforced questions and fears about the future of power in the country after June 22, which is the expiry date of the UN road map.  Pictures attached).