Hawar News Agency Center plan 7-22-2020

Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria.

  • Follow-up activities and events in the northeast of Syria.
  • The head of the Office for Displaced and Refugees Affairs in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria explained that what happened in Al-Hol camp is evidence of the strength of Turkey's relationship with ISIS mercenaries, as it was the main crossing point for its entry into Syria, and a step to use these mercenaries to threaten international security, and said, "It is the responsibility of the international community to stand against this blackmail and the plans of the Turkish occupation. " (Photo and video attached).
  • A number of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods  residents in Aleppo city indicated that the Turkish state and its mercenaries continue their crimes against the people of the occupied areas, especially women. They said that the international silence is killing humanity and the international community must show a clear position towards that. (Photo and video attached).
  • The Co-chair of the Economic and Agricultural Commission in the autonomous administration revealed the amount of grain "wheat, barley" that the authority received from farmers, and indicated that the marketing process in the current period is limited to only three centers. (Photo and video attached).
  • The administrator at the Martyr Barjam Academy, Fatima Kalash, explained the goal of the Turkish occupation of private war, and how to spread it between society, noting the need for cultural awareness and training and education of young people. (Photo and video attached).


  • Politicians and jurists explained that the Turkish state aims to colonize several countries in the Middle East and to obliterate the identity and annihilation of the peoples of the region, and pointed out that the only solution to deter Turkey is to follow the path of the democratic nation. (Photo and video attached).

              Society and life

  • The municipality of the people in the district of Tel Hamis solved the water problem by 95% within the district center, and confirmed that work is underway to solve the problem of the remaining water stations in the countryside in the near future. (Photo and video attached).
  • It is one of the oldest centers in which man has settled, but due to the consequences of long-term historical wars and forced migrations, its demography has changed, just like its neighborhood. (Photo and video included).