Hawar News Agency Center plan 7-25-2020

- Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria.

- Follow-up events and activities in the northeast of Syria.


- "Turkey is taking advantage of NATO to achieve its goals in the region, especially in Libya, and the situation is the most dangerous in the face of Turkish expansion and the divisions it is carrying out in the region," said the researcher and specialist on Turkish affairs, Mohamed Rabie Dehi. (Photo and video attached).


- The file of the Syrian displaced in Lebanon has returned to the fore again, especially as it plays an important role in the Lebanese economic crisis, as the state considers it one of the paths of spending without the assistance of donor countries. (pictures attached).

Culture and art

- The fourth martyr Herkol Book Fair attracted visitors and participation from various components of the regions of northeast Syria, as it became a gathering of diverse cultures and religions in the region. (Photo and video attached).

- He loved his language, so he mastered the features of his face and the lines that were drawn on his cheeks and under his eyes tell the story of his struggle within life, preserving hundreds of Kurdish poetic verses and casting them wherever he came, and he was known as "the roaming poetic storyteller" (attached with pictures and video).


-A series of activities are carried out by the Women’s Administration in the countryside of Al-Tabqa city, they included seminars, dialogues and visits to homes, though these activities were not enough to draw a more liberal reality for rural women and the most prominent economic activity remained within the scene, as it sets an eye on qualifying Rural women are among several plans that have become a priority list for women’s management at the current stage. ( attached with photos and videos)