Hawar News Agency center plan 9-20-2020

Follow-up of the events in the northern and eastern regions of Syria

    • Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.
    • The annual Kongra Star will be held in Qamishlo district, in the town of Rimeilan at 10:00. (Attached with p8ictures and video).
    • The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement is organizing a demonstration in Tal Tamr sub-district to support the "We Will Definitely Win" campaign, at 17:00. (Attached with the video and photos).
    • The official spokesman for the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria revealed that their forces had thwarted 700 escape attempts for the families of ISIS mercenaries since they were transferred to the camp in 2019, stressing that Turkey is the first endeavor to smuggle mercenaries and pays huge sums of money for that.
    • A number of the displaced from Afrin, living in al-Shahba canton, indicated that resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation is the only way to liberate lands, while an Afrin citizen affirmed that “Turkey wants to break the will of the Kurds in Hatfanin, but she does not know that the will of the Kurds is strong.”
    • The mothers of the martyrs in Al-Hasakah stressed the escalation of struggle and resistance, and said, "We are the elderly mothers of martyrs, we will carry weapons and go to two buddies if necessary."


    • Academic Hawin Mulla Amin said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party is complicit in the Turkish attacks on Başur by justifying its existence, and he said that the PDK has effectively become part of the Turkish extension and its ally and a representative of its interests and military influence in the region. He pointed out that the sectarian division made the Iraqi decision to be cooked in Ankara and Tehran, stressing the Kurdish and Iraqi peoples' rejection of the Turkish attacks.


    • The Turkish occupation continues to consolidate its presence in the occupied areas, through its tools, amid a suspicious silence on the part of the Damascus government, as the Syrian writer and journalist Thaer Al-Zaazouz considers that these measures are clear evidence that the Turkish project is not temporary, and he also indicated that “the Syrian regime implicitly agrees to What happens".
    • The Co-chair of the Executive Council in the Autonomous Administration criticized the international silence regarding the violations and crimes committed against the Syrians in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, and considered the report of the international investigation committee insufficient because it only sheds light on a part of the crimes.

Middle east

    • Reports revealed that last week witnessed a Russian-Turkish swap over Idlib and Libya, while the Western packages pushed Turkey to retreat in the eastern Mediterranean, while there is talk of a major political change in Libya.

Culture and art

    • The forced displacement from the occupied city of Afrin to the al-Shahba canton, and the painful scenes of massacres and bombing during the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries on the city of Afrin, bring back to mind a painful memory, documented by the people of Afrin participating in the activity of drawing artistic paintings, which embody the lived reality in Afrin, violations and crimes Committed by the Turkish occupation army against the civilian population.