Hawar News Agency Center plan 9-3-2021

-the Educational Complex in Al-Shaddadi organizes a celebration, on the occasion of International Women's Day.  (Attached with pictures and video).

 - Arf Kasabian said that all peoples were able to know their truth and re-study their histories, after the start of the Rojava revolution, adding, "The massacre that the Armenians were subjected to in 1915 was not just a massacre aimed at physically eliminating Armenians, but rather aimed at eliminating the Armenian culture and language.  Also, it continues to this day. ”(Attached with photos and video).


 -International women noted that the acceptance of diversity amongst the women of Rojava has become a source of great strength and guarantees the creation of a free society, and they highlighted the importance of participatory and communal life.  (Attached with pictures and video).

 Culture and art

- Today, 32 years have passed since the departure of the Kurdish artist, Muhammad Sheikho, and his memory has not been lost on the memory of the Kurdish people, who remember him every year and immortalize his memory and his results that contributed to the protection of Kurdish culture.  (Attached with pictures and video).