Hawar news agency center’s daily 02-04-2020

Following the events witnessed in north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

The Water Directorate in al-Hasakah canton has finished drilling and equipping 13 wells out of 50, which is an alternative project to secure drinking water for the people of the canton after the Turkish occupation army stopped pumping water from Alouk station in the occupied Serêkaniyê region, threatening the life of approximately one million people in al-Hasakah (attached with photos and video).

The Municipalities Committee of Afrin region continues the sterilization campaigns to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus, and provides its services in light of the curfew applied in northern and eastern Syria. Furthermore, the co-chair of the committee confirmed that the people abide by all the decisions issued by them (attached with photos and video).

All parties exempt from the curfew seek to serve the people and protect them from the Corona virus which has become a global epidemic, among them the fire brigade which works from the morning hours until the evening hours without getting bored or tired, calling on the people to adhere to the deadlines for throwing garbage (attached with photos and video).


Despite the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 14 years, a factory in Gaza has started since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis in Palestine to sew medical masks and protective clothing, and it succeeded to some extent in providing a large amount of the needs of the sector, as well as exporting these products to Israel and countries of the world (attached with photos and video).