​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center’s daily 04-03-2021

Journalists in north and east Syria indicated that Turkey's goal of bringing journalists close to it to Afrin aims to cover up its crimes and beautify its image in front of world public opinion (attached with photos and video).

Intellectuals and jurists in Afrin region confirmed that the opening of a cultural center in the Turkish language in the city of Afrin is an attempt to impose the Ottoman culture in the region and erase the Kurdish presence in it, calling on international human and humanitarian organizations to do their moral and humanitarian duty to stop these violations and put an end to them (attached with photos and video).


The displaced of Afrin stressed that receiving the so-called "coalition" mercenaries in Başûr Kurdistan only serves the agendas and interests of the Turkish occupation, calling on the people of Başûr Kurdistan to stand in the face of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s anti-Kurdish policy (attached with photos and video).


The Member of Jinology Academy, Shervin Nodem, said, “Rojava Revolution has greatly strengthened hopes for solving Middle East and world issues.” She added, “The key to freedom for all women is hidden in this revolution” (attached with photos and video).


A Catalan parliamentarian strongly criticized European policies towards the Kurds and their silence about the Turkish massacres against them, and at the same time praised the progress achieved by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (attached with photos and video).

Society and Life

In the result of the brutal shelling of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries over 3 months and on an almost daily basis on Ain Issa district, most villages were destroyed on the M4 highway (attached with photos and video).