Hawar news agency center’s daily 05-03-2021

The Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Militan Çia, explained that the unity of Arabs and Kurds in the small geographical area of Ain Issa is the most important factor in deterring attacks on the district (attached with photos and video).


Ilham Ahmed said, “Women raised the banner of resistance and established a political, diplomatic and social revolution that could confront all threats and attacks, and this struggle will become the property of the whole world” (attached with photos and video).

Members of the Community Protection Forces in Zarkan district on the line of contact with the Turkish occupation, said, "We celebrate International Women's Day by carrying out our duty to establish security and safety in the region," and stressed that "this day is sacred for us, women" (attached with photos and video).


Hussein Al-Ali, the Member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Left Party, said that the plans of the Russian "guarantor" and the Turkish occupation have failed in the region thanks to the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the will of the peoples of the region, pointing out that the Turkish occupation, through its crimes, is working to revive the Millî Pact.

Kurdish politicians in north-east Syria described al-Hariri’s visit to Başûr Kurdistan as "dirty, and bad outcomes," noting that the timing of the visit and its goals were clear which is to hit the Kurdish issue, and they expressed their regret at receiving leaders in the Kurdistan Democratic Party "for the killers of the Kurdish people" (attached with photos and video).