Hawar news agency center's daily 10-07-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

Today, a conference of the war-wounded starts in the town of Rumailan at 9:00 am (attached with photos and video).

The people of Ain Issa district condemned the work of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, which they described as "disgraceful and immoral" against the graves in Girê Spî occupied district, and appealed to the international community to put pressure on Turkey to stop its attacks and stop desecrating the graves (attached with photos and video).


The Turkish state intensified its attacks on southern Kurdistan during the past weeks after a visit by intelligence chief Hakan Fidan to Baghdad, this was followed by talk of meetings between the governments of Baghdad and Hewler, so what is going on there and where will things go? (attached with photos).

The activist and juristic researcher Abdel Rahman Batran called on the Syrian and Iraqi governments to use all legal means to pressure Turkey due to the catastrophic decline of the Euphrates water (attached with photos).


The Joint Presidency Deputy of the Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal said that the return of the Yazidi families to Şengal continues, while he called for all the people of Şengal to return to their territory and organize themselves to guarantee the non-repetition of massacres against them and preserve the Yazidi land (attached with photos and video).


Kurdish activists indicated that the Turkish occupation specifically targets female activists in women's movements, and seeks to paralyze their movement and break their will. They indicated that they will stand up to and resist all occupation's attempts which target all women, especially those who struggle to organize society through their free ideas (attached with photos and video).