​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center’s daily 14-01-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of NE Syria.

Following the Resistance of the Age in its second stage.

Following the activities held in NE Syria.


The member of the External Relations Committee of the Autonomous  Administration in Europe Ahmed Sheikho said, “The Turkish state seeks to achieve the ambitions that its Ottoman predecessors failed to achieve. (Attached with photos and video)

The representative of the Future Syria Party confirmed that the solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the participation of all spectra of the Syrian people, and made clear that the solutions formulated outside the Syrian territory will not reach a result, and this was proven in the last stage. (Attached with photos and video)


Female jurists, intellectuals and politicians in Afrin region called for the Kurdish parties to unite, stressing that the unity will ensure a better future for the Kurds at all levels. (Attached with photos and video)