​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center's daily 17-07-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

The people of the various components in the city of Qamishlo pointed out that joining forces and raising the pace of struggle is the only way to stand in front of the Turkish occupation, and they said: "This is our land," in a confirmation that adherence to and defense of the homeland is the duty of everyone (attached with photos and video).


The pages of history abound with many examples of revolutions, but we rarely find a revolution that has achieved the goals for which it was launched, and in Syria that witnessed a revolution at the beginning of 2011 its revolution deviated to serve external agendas with months after its launch, but only the Kurds and their Arab and Syriac partners managed through the July 19 revolution to provide a model for revolution capable of achieving change and building (attached with photos and video).


Amin Aliko, the Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party in Aleppo said that Turkey's goal of continuing to impose isolation on the leader Ocalan is not to reach any solution and any vision or analysis from the leader to those concerned in the region, stressing that the key to a solution to the crises of the Middle East is at the hands of the leader Ocalan (attached with photos and video).

Culture and Art

Follow-up activities of the last day of the seventh festival of culture and art held by the Union of Intellectuals of Rojava Kurdistan in the city of Qamishlo at 18:00 (attached with photos and video).